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Official Game Thread Week 7: Florida Gators vs LSU Tigers 10/15/22

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For all the reasons you have so strongly, warningly outlined:
SOME years of "hard times" are ahead just to effect the necessary minimum transition/changeover from Mullen's Mistakes (AND more than ten years of "MeyerMusMacMull" Mishandling of ALL FACETS of minimal modern CFB organizational requirements...) That reality, playing out before a bunch of babbling babies expecting instant gratification (I'm referring to a large portion of our latest fans, though I could just as easily be talking about a similar portion of our PLAYERS!), suggests an intensifying "lynchmob mentality" developing before an acceptable level of success is achieved.
THAT is my concern. You have convinced ME:
We've gotta give Billy a chance--so now my thing is realistically facing, WEATHERING the required down period ahead.
Or, as my father said to me on the eve of my leaving for college in Gainesville, "Look out for the morons, son."
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