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  • just reviewing state of our site morning after defeat-that-didn’t-have-to-BE...We hurt, have things to say—join In—or goof off elsewhere.
    Can you boot some of these new ppl who are making useless forums and replying with nonsense? Soria clean the board up? I love our small boars but these newbies spamming makes it look bad.
    Watchoo talkin' about, Willis?
    dru get us a gameday thread ready
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    Funny you should mention that, aweb--exactly what I was up to when you sent this!
    great minds think alike :)
    you know after last year im ready lol
    I actually volunteered--young and full of beans, wild excitement and hot-blooded ignorance. You know, your basic know-it-all kid who thought he was invincible and life's a big amusement park that never closes.
    Thing is, by the time I DID get to UF I knew a few things--like school and books and papers and exams, THAT'S not "pressure"! PLUS, I was still in that post-active frame-of-mind where everything "from here on out" was gravy. I breezed through that four years, knew how to prioritize, when to party and when to work. A lifelong Gator, my time in Gainesville was everything I'd ever imagined--even WITH those lean years for our team...I was there for the beginning of the turnaround, in effect the awakening of "the sleeping giant".
    (I won't deny, though, that it was pretty ironic when the team at the school I attended mainly because I had always loved their football team should have their historically worst season while I was there...)
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