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Recent content by totenkopf13

  1. totenkopf13

    Our Offense is an open wound

    I would take mediocre, unfortunately we have inept. I can't believe this is where we are 3 years later. I've said it before, last years team had the worst 11-1 offense I have ever seen, and here we are stumbling along, tripping over our own feet, and throwing our hands up in the air expecting a...
  2. totenkopf13

    Gator Bites, Week 5: #20 Florida Gators vs Kentucky Wildcats

    Pease should open it up and let's see what Tyler can do. They should win this game, but I hope that they turn him lose. I would like to see what the type of leadership skills he has when charged with running the offense knowing it's his going forward this year. No need for the mundane.
  3. totenkopf13

    Gator Bites, Week 2: Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes

    We endured JB IV, now JD.
  4. totenkopf13

    DAMN! We're HERE!!!

    Ah, almost there. What a crappy offseason we endured. I'm ready to get this season going. I agree the second half of last season was frustrating. They were not very good for 12-2. Flag is going out this weekend through December, at least, I hope so. I hope it stays up into January.
  5. totenkopf13

    The TEBOW Watch

    I was thinking the same thing.