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Gator Gameday: At KY (09/23/17)

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by DRU2012, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. miltongator

    miltongator Gator Fan

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  2. awebbf5

    awebbf5 VIP Member

    Wow, as a lifelong die hard gator fan born and raised in Kentucky, today is a good day lol.
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  3. Ufgatorfan

    Ufgatorfan VIP Member

    Hands down we were giving this game and that sucks. I know footballs like that sometimes as I played from pee wee through high school but this is a pathetic football team.

    It’s truly sad when you can’t be excited about a win. I need more beer!!
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  4. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm at the pount where I find the guy WEIRD--I mean, like "CREEPY"...There is something just OFF about this guy, strangely not-WITH-us in every way...I suspect all this is somehow part of, even explains all the things that don't make any sense about him AND his staff's repetitive, bang-your-head-against-the-wall-'cause-it-feels-so-GOOD-when-it-stops approach to ANY sort of preparation, adjustment--or a little thing called "strategy and tactics"...but for the life of me, I still have ZERO insight into what that connection/explanation might BE.
    But at a certain point, it just doesn't MATTER. There'll be a lotta ignoramae who will continue to support him, take the "let it RIDE!" approach long as they win--but the evidence is out there, in QUANTITY, for quite some time now: We have a scrambled and fractured team and program, one that is headed for continued mediocrity and ever declining results overall.
    Do we really have to continue our ongoing LOOOOOOOONG slide for years MORE to come? How many seasons, how many YEARS have to go by, how bad the display of never-ending poor play has to continue? Game after game where our offense stinks up...How bad for how long do we have to be before enough fans turn away to MAKE Mac's "backers" back DOWN???
    And one more q in all this:
    Even GIVING credit to a team that DOES continue to "find ways to win", how much of that credit acrues to Coach Mac? And in the wider context of how it CAME to that, is that an "acceptable standard?" Can we not enjoy and credit both the luck and gritty guts that even, in the end, repeatedly gives the young men the CHANCE to somehow "do it AGAIN"--AND yet still recognize and say, "...BUT WE GOTTA MAKE A CHANGE!!!"?
    Or, as I put it after game's end (and yes, here it comes, as promised):
    "Nice come back...Now, when can we FIRE this guy?!!"
  5. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Here's a thought:
    Maybe our Coach's strangely depressed, weekly post-game "whiny/spaced-out crybaby" routine is quite simply an honest expression of his true nature, an actual admission of his coaching ignorance, and bafflement at what fans and/or anyone else think he can do about ANY of it.
    Looked at this way, his otherwise weirdly, repeatedly innappropriate behavior becomes a straight portrayal of the proverbial drowning man who is caught on camera in the middle of a panic attack.
    It becomes, in that light, the behavioral equivalent of a cry for help:
    "Help Me!!! I have no idea what to do or what you all expect of me!"
    ...Or to put it even more simply,
    "I've fallen--and I can't get up!!!"
    Of course, then each week he remembers that his team just WON a game--and just as when they backed into the SEC Championship game 2 years in a row, he thinks THAT oughta suffice, make everything OK.
    And that attitude and conclusion, even more than the embarrasedly lackluster overall performances themselves, ought to be reason enough right THERE to be looking for his replacement.
    This man himself is GOING DOWN--and he is taking the whole program WITH HIM.
    IF we let him.
  6. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Exactly: Sad, and wholly unexpected. Unimagineable, even.
    But we really ARE "pathetic"--and it's getting worse: this team, its deteriorating overall performance is causing our FURTHER decline, the results accelerating through advancing time:
    Every game sees its gross effects not only "worse", but "getting worse FASTER", win or lose...and the ironic, frustrating truth is that the fact that we have actually (almost inexplicably) WON the last couple of games has not merely obscured the truth that almost everyone has otherwise noted, but that, in this "winning trumps EVERYTHING"-world, it has seemingly locked us FURTHER into a practical and psychological inclination to KEEP ON, "stay the course": We cannot act to make changes, to help ourselves as we should, MUST, unless and until ALL CLEARLY SEE that decline and where we are headed--That we are LOSING, worse and worse, faster and faster...
    By the time we ALL see it (or at least enough are "on the same page"), it'll take a long, huge effort just to halt the slide, reinvigorate the program and its image enough to even BEGIN the by then many-yeared climb back to relevancy, let alone the annual "contend, win and/or reload" cycle we EXPECTED of ourselves just a handful of seasons ago.
    Let's start NOW.
    I'm sorry, but in the end it is clear:
    "MAC MUST GO."

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