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Florida Gators 2023 Recruiting Class


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The University of Florida is very protective of its image, so they are quick to act on any social issues. Other universities are less protective of their image in this regard.
True...But I cannot help at least some albeit cynical suspicion that this whole deal has strong overtones of "other factors" lurking on the edge of (indeed, in truth even perhaps greatly influencing) BOTH parties' decisions (ie. that of UF AND Marcus) in the end.
Heck, right after posting my comment above I happened to go on YouTube and IMMEDIATELY encountered a young African American SEC-follower on his and a pal's college football fansite use the same word casually, conversationally to start his intro to a whole other topic! Again, I have always been torn between my own discomfort with this EVER being OK, and Lenny Bruce's insistence that only be USING these words somehow "openly, widely, casually can we defuse them, take away their power to hurt...":
Ultately, the fact that by definition I am NOT a part of the "community of inclusion" that has and continues to make its own organic use of words and more as part of a "cultural STYLE" precludes MY even judging it, letting own any of "the rest of us" using it. Believe me, I really had (continue to have) mixed feelings commenting on it even in this way, here and now.
I wish it hadn't intruded upon us, the ongoing discussion of our program, or in the larger context of college recruiting (already a confused, more and more complex subject calling itself into deepening question) in this way.


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Here is just ONE example of how and why OUR now having "plenty of time and room" to work through the growing, rising-in-perceived stature 2023 recruiting class can have a salubrious effect on our otherwise somewhat depressing "denouement" to the 2022 season:
I have been diving into the details of that accumulating class, and am finding a number of specifically encouraging signs--the reasons perhaps for our steady rise in "experts rankings" (maybe even lagging BEHIND their overall TRUE value)...In this case, I offer one amazing "Athlete", Eugene Wilson III. I recommend you find his COMPLETE "highlight reel" (I was able to find online the one submitted to our incoming recruiting team some months back).
There are other more heralded guys still out there, but there are some things there I myself have never SEEN BEFORE...speed, verticle leaping ability, skills all over the field, offense AND defense.
(I want to say he reminds me of Percy Harvin, but I know better than to DO that to the kid.)
Probably a bigtime playmaker on offense by his 3rd year here, I'm thinking--but maybe he's on special teams as a frosh. Yes. He is that amazing. Eventually he will likely be our game-breaking WR.
There are some others, quite a few who are part of the growing rumble of warning to everyone out there who are hoping that our irrelevancy continues...For now, given all that "time and room" we have to "focus on other things" besides the aforementioned basic "irrelevancy" of what is left for us in 2022, personally, among other things I will work my way through the growing balance of our recruiting haul, highlighting some potential causes for additional hope, even excitement.
Beyond all that, there is still the other side of all this: "Who will we be LOSING?"
...and on that subject, the latest concerning AR's next move is, according to observers, likely to be affected by the Colts' stacked picks in the pending pro draft, AND a potential change there at Head Coach...Where many don't yet even include Richardson in their lists of "Who's available?", there are now a handful suddenly speaking of his being a "project pick" by Indianapolis, who will then keep their current guy as an adequate place-holder as Anthony "slowly rounds into shape". Even THEY grant that it's a gamble, plenty of risk to go with all those "tools".
As with every OTHER such stories, however, the headlines say one thing (in this case, "Colts maneuvering to take Richardson!") while the details turn out to track somewhat less clearly.
I just don't know what's gonna happen there--and let's be honest, I want BADLY for him to stay another season at UF:
I truly believe that it would be better for HIM as WELL AS us!
One more thing:
Don't look now (and I'm only reporting what all our eyes have seen and what some are concluding as a result), but Jalen Kittna has shown sharp SKILLS to go with his Coach's son's "QB Instincts" so far--and seen that impression GROW with every appearance! There are those who are beginning to wonder, "Is this the next Trask??!" If AR DOES jump, we may need to find out.
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