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Week 3 Reactions: Gators Won’t Back Down Against Tennessee


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There was plenty to dislike about the game management in the second half, but the result was wonderful. The Gators live rent free in the heads of Vol Nation forever as they yet again unraveled in the Swamp.


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Just watched the replay...
First five minutes or so:
Some of the ways a talent-laden Florida squad finds ways to beat ITSELF...Here, it was mainly that woeful kicking game (and special teams in general) that continues to be a glaring "missing piece".
Rest of first half:
When Gators DON'T screw up their OWN thing, they are STARTING to find themselves.
The balance of the half (ie. everything AFTER the sole Vols drive) was a thing of beauty. Gators had their running team in GEAR.
Second half:
In our Coach's own estimation, "Probably got too conservative"...Sure seemed to shut things down, put it on D to preserve the lead.
To be fair, as play continue in a rough and tumble game, we had a lot of injuries piling up, more and more starters and key backups falling by the wayside, essentially left on the sidelines for the duration. That might well have further influenced Billy's early and accelerating inclination to clamp down, depend on Armstrong's aggressive Defense to bring home the big win from there.
Final analysis:
Lots of good things in a big home win, opening SEC play against a longtime East rival and answering at least SOME of the nagging questions in the process...not ALL of them positively--but MOST of them.
We still need to look at things and make a LOT of upgrades on Special Teams...Two out of the THREE main squads (offense and defense) are coming along nicely in their growth and development--but that choppy ST play is likely gonna eventually cost them a win if it isn't soon properly addressed...
AND: Billy himself still needs an OC to ease the load, help with the "nuts and bolts" involved in running that offense while he oversees the whole in-game process with a very young team.


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...One more thing (and this may well end up belonging on another thread that doesn't yet exist--and WON'T unless/until a SLEW of complaints pour in concerning the SEC's aftergame levying of punishments for that frankly overblown near-brawl post-kneeldown at game's end):
Personally, I just don't get how THEIR Coach calls that sore-loser late time-out, THEIR defender gets the personal foul flag for the late hit on our QB AFTER THE KNEELDOWN, and though he DOES get ONE of the "first half suspensions for the next game", it is somehow US who get all the rest...
Now, it SHOULDN'T hurt us TOO badly--we have Charlotte in the Swamp, Billy already preaching "stay disciplined, humble, NO LET DOWN" even BEFORE the news of the suspensions came in, in the same way that Billy himself announced "in-house punishments" already having been meted out to Micah and others involved in all that.
A lot of "teaching opportunities" strewn before Coach, staff and team on the road ahead--valuable ones, he notes, and he WILL make the most of them.
As noted in his Monday presser, for one thing this is the kind of situation, right after a "big home win", where last season we proceeded to go out and LOSE multiple games we should have WON, against less-talented teams. You can be pretty confident that this won't be the last time it is focused on before next Saturday and beyond. This is a young team that is expected to learn and GROW. That WON'T be left to chance.