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SEC Power Rankings: Week 2


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The SEC power pyramid is starting to take shape with #1 Georgia being the last of the elite SEC teams to remain in the national top five. Here are my power rankings based on the game results below while factoring in Sagarin ratings of opponents. Alabama lost to a team just outside the top 10 and should not be penalized in the SEC power rankings until next-ranked Tennessee proves itself against stronger opponents. Texas A&M lost to an unranked Miami team, which could propel Miami over Florida for a #25 ranking. There is a chance that the Gators are artificially ranked at #25 to justify a top-25 match-up on ESPN Gameday. Florida is #3 in most College GameDay records at 26-13, and are tied for third with LSU for hosting 13. More than likely GameDay will go to Boulder for Colorado vs Colorado State.

  1. #1 (2) Georgia 45, (110) Ball State 3
  2. #3 (1) Alabama 24, #11 (8) Texas 34
  3. #9 (5) Tennessee 30, (179) Austin Peay 13
  4. #20 (13) Ole Miss 37, #24 (48) Tulane 24
  5. #23 (11) Texas A&M 33, (35) Miami 48
  6. #14 (17) LSU 72, (238) Grambling 10
  7. (22) Arkansas 28, (153) Kent State 6
  8. (28) Kentucky 28, (177) Eastern Kentucky 17
  9. (30) Auburn 14, (49) California 10
  10. (34) South Carolina 47, (121) Furman 21
  11. (39) Mississippi St 31, (62) Arizona 24 OT
  12. (41) Florida 49, (197) McNeese 7
  13. (64) Missouri 23, (115) Middle Tennessee 19
  14. (109) Vanderbilt 20, (56) Wake Forest 36
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Again: Relatively small sampling thus far, but one could be excused for an early suspicion that this might be an "off year" for the SEC in general--perhaps havimg fallen back to "mid-pack" in comparison to the rest of the major conferences...
However, I wouldn't be the first person to point out that this might not be the worst news for Florida this season: Taking another look at our "toughest in the nation" 2023 schedule, with our whole SEC line up of games still ahead maybe we have a little better shot at knocking some of our opponents off in what were labeled AT BEST "toss up games", after all!
As always, it's a matter of "Just WIN, baby!", and how that record turns out will have a critical effect on our future regardless of how we get there.