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Random Notes


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( As per title:
Best I can do for now...)

—Crazy AND stupid far as fans’ calling for Mullens’ head right now. As others have noted (for eg. in Gainesville Sun, and elsewhere last few days), there’s no one even “almost as good”, let alone any kind of stirring alternative, out there at the moment. Anyway, he deserves the chance to somehow show he can FIX whatever’s wrong—and something IS “WRONG” ...none of us outside the locker room or inner circle (OR Mullen’s own MIND) knows exactly what that is.
Which leads us to...
—Way I see it, NEXT season has in a sense already begun, to SOME degree. The only way we salvage anything as far as THIS one goes would be to damn near WIN OUT...NOT that THAT gets us anywhere we once dreamed of getting with THIS one: I refuse to be sucked back into some longshot sweat-out for some near impossible combination of circumstances that might get us back in the SEC Championship race, let alone any shot at the CFP—too many “lucky breaks”, not to mention the missteps of OTHERS, are required between here and there to suffer through that!
On the other hand, if we tighten things up, eliminate the mistakes, poor technique, sloppy tackling and suddenly conservative play-calling, bring along AR15 and generally return to “winning Mullen Ball”—and manage a strong finish that includes MOSTLY wins with perhaps just a CLOSE loss to UGA along the way, THEN a strong recruiting class after a respectable Bowl win WOULD leave us in good position to make a viable run in 2022 after all!
—Meanwhile though, this next game (Homecoming or NOT) against Vanderbilt does NOTHING for us now. A slaughter is merely “expected”, at this point; it doesn’t help us within or at large—and anything else is pretty well a disaster. Only after THAT does “the rest of the season” really ensue, along with any chance at redemption and/or repositioning ourselves for NEXT year, as I say.
—Anything to add?
Feel free to vent, debate or dismiss...I KNOW there is more that COULD be said: We’ve fallen pretty damn far, pretty damn FAST.
The above, frankly, is MY attempt at both anger AND hope, pessimism AND optimism, in a sense.
Anyone ELSE care to give it a try?