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Official Game Thread Week 12: Florida Gators at Vanderbilt Commodores 11/19/22

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Honestly, I don't know. I don't know what to think about the FSU game, the bowl game, or the next season. I was worried for this game because Vandy beat UK the previous week. I remember the Gators underperformed (but still won) against Vandy in 2006, a Vandy team who beat Georgia in Athens prior to that game and that's not easy to do. Now, just hope they're prepared for FSU or we're in for a dark Black Friday.
I just do not see how this Gator squad can win in Tallahassee. As things stand tonight after the Vandy game, I see us as a floundering program, rudderkess and leaderless, who are in truth currently the worst team in the SEC.
I see little hope or reason to expect that to change before next SEASON, let alone next Saturday.
Sorry, but that's how I assess our current state in the college football universe.


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With a little more distance and somewhat less anger (courtesy of time, and SOME "perspective"), although I mainly stand by a large PORTION of that thought, I also "think" that one must qualify it by adding parenthetically, "...on our BAD days"--which unfortunately are statistically speaking at least a solid HALF THE TIME...Our record alone pretty solidly supports this, and the projected loss in Tallahasse would put the final touch on proving it.
As I move away from dwelling on THIS season, it's inconsistency and frankly stunning lows, and (for the sake of my balance and emotional well-being) focusing more on recruiting and the fact of our HAVING to give our young Coach and his staff the benefit of more time (more than less than one full season, anyway!) and trust to transition this team and program AWAY from the one dominated by MULLEN'S collection of "losers and question marks" (the same group who damn near lost to SAMFORD in a shoot out, fer crying out loud--then together loudly CELEBRATED about it afterward in the lockeroom!), I am increasingly able to reserve the most final and dismissive version of my underlying hope and optimism after all.
That "turnover", crucial as it is, may TAKE a couple of seasons to get fully accomplished, but it is still "doable", and anticipating it's accomplishment and envisioning its ongoing evolution is where hope and sanity lie for me, for US now.
We've already still been more or less "robbed" of most of the joy and enjoyment of our Gator football season this time, but what's done is done. Following the details of what will hopefully be our ongoing progress in rebuilding a new foundation for the FUTURE Gator rise and eventual domination of the SEC will, for the moment, have to DO.
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