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Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by DRU2012, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Alright: This is life in the SEC, and I really like Mullens' attitude and resulting statement to reporters immed after the game (figure y'all have seen/heard it).
    Now, we may or may NOT be "there" yet (prob NOT)--but I have EVERY CONFIDENCE that THAT is where we are headed under this Coach and his staff. It would take a magic sort of SERIES of breaks in our favor to get it done THIS season (personally, as I've said I don't believe we'll consistently be able to COUNT on the sort of steamrolling "inevitability of victory" that you feel around Bama's and/or (LAST year's) Clemson squads, for eg, until our Head Coach/"QB-Whisperer" fully installs his whole offense and playbook in the person of (hopefully) someone like Emory Jones' dual-threat skills.
    We saw flashes of it during the brief stretch after Trask sprained his knee in the first half; JONES drove the field with the offense--shoulda scored a TD if the receiver hadn't let one of his nice passes, a homerun strike, bounce off his hands as he broke free on a dead run. Oh well; I believe we did get 3 pts off that drive before Trask eventually returned...
    For those wondering why Trask was RE-installed at starter there (and in my hyped-up excitement, I admit for a few moments I was among them... It just seemed to me right then that Jones gave us our best chance TO WIN the GAME... But I soon came to understand). With young true freshman Mathews the only "depth" as backup QB at that point behind Jones... and Trask IS still the more level-headed, calm, knowledgeable and experienced QB we have right now... If he can go, you put him back in as soon as you are reasonably certain that he is healthy enough to properly run your offense--and KNOW you have a capable backup in the person of Jones, still in reserve and having once again shown that he IS "THE FUTURE OF THIS OFFENSE". In just that brief few moments, one whole drive, basically, we saw how he actually gives us MORE POSSIBILITIES than the steady, efficiently performing Trask.
    It is Sunday morn, College Football Final is on and Ed Ogeron is spouting his usual arrogantly lame drivel in that almost unlistenable gravel-voiced, nails-on-glass punishment of the English language... And he proceeds to dismiss us almost off-handedly...
    To a question about "next week's opponent", unlike OUR Coach who gave a real and true, thoughtfully honest response to the inevitably similar question asked of HIM right off as he steps to the mike for HIS presser, Ogeron on the other hand just mumbles some crap about "...I haven't looked or thought about Florida...don't know or care much before now... I suppose we'll speed things up if thats the way to beat em, slow it down if THATS the way...Don't really have any idea, but I'm sure we'll find a way...These guys are tough; and I'll put my QB up against anybody right now..."
    You know, I might have agreed with him somewhat before I heard all that... But I imagine Malzahn was at least THINKING much the same thing (I recall him saying a few things that pretty well at least HINTED at a similar attitude!)... So now I find myself thinking that though I am hardly "confident" heading into their place, and not having that Swamp advantage (which DID play a part in our being able to weather all the mistakes our offense made in that first half, at least) does put a potential damper on what might be possible, nonetheless I find myself finding some HOPE in our coming into "Death Valley" with a CHIP on our collective shoulders... If we can SOMEHOW find a way to turn THAT into a win, I really do believe this could turn out to be that "magic season" after all...the full embodiment perhaps of that old saw, "Better to be lucky than GOOD", OK? I'm hoping maybe this could turn out to be the year where BOTH were true!!! Imean it: If we can find a way to somehow steal a win in Red Stick Saturday, all bets are OFF for the rest of the schedule!
    We gotta ABSOLUTELY stay healthy, FULLY healthy (and this includes Trask fully healing, and FAST the rest of the way, though...We have used up our "injuries coming early and now behind us" allottment-of-good-fortune).
    How do Y'ALL see it?!!
  2. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    (By the way:
    Do we EVER get Tomey back?!
    The kid goes out of game 1 holding his left forearm--and what? Never returns the whole damn season???
    I mean, we are headed into game 7 now, kiddo--and WE NEED YOU.
    I can't get any first-hand info on his condition or ongoing prognosis--but at a certain point, it is sorta at least PARTLY up to the player to rehab hard then begin to "chomp at the bit" in trying to regain the field. I'm getting a strange "no one is sure" kind of response of late to my pressing questions regarding his "likelihood of eventual return". Some guys get touchy bout pain and their supposed "fully healing back to complete viability"...I am not a doctor--but trust me, I know somethimg about pain, injury and recovery. Need to see some "WANNA" from his end, at some point...)
  3. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    "By The Way"/#2:
    Am watching the Braves here trying to take game 3 against St Louis...and they take it on a fly ball in the 9th...
    Thing is, as a Floridian who more or less grew up in mid-Fla (Cocoa Bch) and returned to the area for college back in the 70s, I always tended to be a Braves fan, even when the later Fla teams came along... But aside from their horrendous run support for pitchers (like today's starter) who pitch gems for them but lose because of it, I always have had trouble cleanly rootong for them--JUST BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN FSU-STYLE RALLY CHANT!
    Every time it starts up I begin to turn against them!
    For BOTH of these reasons, if/when it comes down to it, I'll prob root for the Astros--which ain't exactly natural for me EITHER...Of course, if it's against the Yankees, as is likely, well...I doubt I'll have much conflict--though I can't say I'll be especially cranked for EITHER outcome, in the event.
    I don't hardly even follow the No Fun League anymore, so really, the Gators have become my sole sports obsession left--This, from a guy who growing up was repeatedly suspended for surreptitiously listening to whatever sporting league had its finals going during the school year. (I was an absolute Inventor/secret agent "Q" in my various developments in homemade camouflaged listening technologies!)
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  4. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    I do like the Atlanta Braves, but I had to threaten my son with amputating his arm if he ever did the Braves chop ever again.

    I follow Major League Baseball the same way I follow the NFL: I follow former Gators. The New York Mets have Pete Alonso (All-SEC 2014, CWS 2015 & 2016, MLB All-Star 2019, MLB HR leader 2019). Here is the full list of Gators in the majors and the minors:

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  5. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    I hadn't really thought about it--but tgat's a good handle on following/rooting for soneone in the Bb playoffs...So tell me, E-:
    Are the Braves the major league team with the most Gators on their roster?
    How does it break down, far as those included on that "listed for inclusion" thing they have to hand in before the playoffs?...At least for now, I will root for the team that is most "Gatorish" RIGHT NOW...
    (We'll worry about the Series when we get there and see what we got; Lets face it: either LA vs Yanks OR HOUSYON vs Yanks)
    (...and I will root AGAINST THE YANKEES--as I have my whole life...Really, its a toss-up, unclear which came "FIRST"... I remember them both clearly and am not SURE which was earlier: The NY Giants getting drilled by Lombardi's Starr-led Packer team in tge NGL Championship, OR The Pittsburgh Pirates shocking underdog victory over the Yankees on Maseroski's bottom 9th inning homer in Game 7 to win the what? '60 or '61 World Series...That was a dominant Yankees dynasty, we were living in Bucks Cty at the time while my dad commuted between Washington and New York as an Air Force Intell liason to NATO, and the way I remember it NOW at least I somehow got the idea he would get tix for us to ATTEND that last game... Didn't happen--but I did listen to it on my (NOT SO LITTLE, but small for the time) further-shrunken transister radio I had broken from its little plastic case and stretched out and taped to a hollwed out book and up my arm--this was back in the day when "TV and the public be DAMNED": They still scheduled and played weekday afternoon games in the Series, "...Because that was how scheduling worked!..."
    I have no idea of its actual accuracy now, but that's basically the way I remember it NOW...
  6. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Back to football:
    Lets all concede privately that we are NOT "THERE" yet--That the Championship Team-we-are-GOING-TO-BE is still to be completed by Mullens and Co at UF...We have gotten this far on a combo of guts, heart, brilliant coaching, team speed and GOOD VIBES!!!
    I GIVE "our TWO 'Head Coaches', Mullens (O) amd Grantham (D) all the credit in the world for making it "GREAT. TO BE. A FLORIDA GATOR!" once more--and for making sure "THE SWAMP IS THE SWAMP" ONCE AGAIN!!!
    WE WILL NOT GO UNDEFEATED--so let us just enjoy whatever happens rest of the way for what it IS: Hard fought, nothing for certain, likely better than ANYONE foresaw.
  7. Leakfan12

    Leakfan12 VIP Member

    I can't blame you for cheering for the Braves. NO ONE goes the Marlins and Rays games and the Rays did a big F--K you move by threatening to move or do this half in St. Pete and half in Montreal BS. STAY OR GO. Braves might be the team to root for if the Rays do move but I was raised a Yankees fan (my dad is from New York) until the Rays came. Anyway, this could be the toughest game for the Gators (yes, even tougher than the UGA game). LSU probably the best they had in a while but the D is suspect (38 points Vandy got). Also is Trask going to play?
  8. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    There are 9 Gators on MLB rosters:
    1. Anthony DeSclafani MLB Cincinnati Reds MLB Cincinnati Reds
    2. Brian Johnson MLB Boston Red Sox MLB Boston Red Sox
    3. Darren O'Day* MLB Atlanta Braves MLB Atlanta Braves
    4. Harrison Bader MLB St. Louis Cardinals MLB St. Louis Cardinals
    5. Justin Shafer MLB Toronto Blue Jays MLB Toronto Blue Jays
    6. Mike Zunino MLB Tampa Bay Rays MLB Tampa Bay Rays
    7. Pete Alonso MLB New York Mets MLB New York Mets
    8. Richie Martin MLB Baltimore Orioles MLB Baltimore Orioles
    9. Shaun Anderson MLB San Francisco Giants MLB San Francisco Giants
    The only players in the division series are Darren O'Day (injured reserve) on the Atlanta Braves and Harrison Bader on the St. Louis Cardinals--both in the NLDS. The Cards are the Gator-ish team to root for.

    FYI The Boston Red Sox and its farm affiliates have the most Gators with 5 (one MLB, three in AAA Pawtucket, and one in A Lowell). There are three Gators in the Toronto Blue Jays farm system (one MLB, one in AAA Buffalo, and one in AA New Hampshire.
  9. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    I agree that LSU will be tougher than the UGA game, since LSU has a brand new offense that looks nothing like their offense of the past few years. The LSU coordinators have described the offense as a mix of Joe Brady's offense borrowed from his time at Penn State and the New Orleans Saints and Steve Ensminger's run-first offense. The LSU version of the RPO will look a lot like Joe Moorhead's RPO offense that Florida saw at Mississippi State last year, but with better players and more explosive receivers. The LSU RPO is predicated on the QB, in this case, Joe Burrow, identifying the seventh defender. The Gus Malzahn and Urban Meyer zone-read offenses are predicated on identifying the sixth defender "in the box". The RPO adds identification of the seventh defender who is outside the box. The Gators can begin to defend the LSU RPO the same way they would defend the Malzahn zone-read by either loading the box against the run or unloading the box and going man-free against the pass. The LSU offensive line will always run-block, even when they are in known passing situations. FYI: Mullen's offensive line will flex between run-blocking and pass-blocking from the zone read or the RPO or the spread. That complexity might explain why they get called for so many false starts, but when it works, it works and it is an improvement on the old Utah/ Florida zone read that Mullen used as an OC and head coach. Florida can disguise coverage in kind against LSU, which it can get away with in most positions. The bugaboo is that LSU has already seen Florida's aggressiveness on defense, and could easily sprinkle in a few slip screens and bubble screens to take advantage of Greenard and Zuniga breaking through the boundary. Florida, on the other hand, has never seen LSU's RPO offense except by proxy against Mississippi State, or through some proxy concepts they saw against Auburn. Joe Burrow is running some of the same concepts at LSU that he ran at Ohio State, oddly enough. Dan Mullen knows many of the Ohio State concepts, because the Buckeyes are still using some mix of Urban Meyer's offense and Ryan Day's offense. Note that Ryan Day was a graduate assistant at Florida in 2005 under Urban Meyer, and he was a WR coach or OC under Steve Addazio at Boston College and Temple. All that is to say, LSU's offense is explosive and scary, but it is not new to this coaching staff. Florida can beat LSU by winning dirty, and mucking up that RPO offense.

    Kyle Trask did sprain his MCL, but should be good to go this week, as stated by Dan Mullen in his press conference.
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  10. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Lots of interesting points to consider here, E-, but I'm gonna mostly focus on your LSU analysis and the game at hand.
    Overall, our BEST chance to win here against the toughest team and CHALLENGE so far (a night game in Death Valley, after all--lucky we ourselves play in the returned-to-former-glory-SWAMP: We should at least know what to expect...It really seemed like a big surprise to that Auburn team--and they never DID fully adjust...We damn well BETTER adapt better than they did!) is to throw THEM off balance, BOTH sides of the ball, in particular harrass Burrow--whom ("experts" opinion to the contrary) PERSONALLY I remain uncinvinced is the 2nd coming of Joe Montana, or even Jim McMahon.
    I look for Grantham to find inventive ways to MERCILESSLY flush him from the pocket and in turn force errant throws. If we get at least ONE Pick-6 out of the deal, I think we win a close one--no shit.
    It could also end up a very long day for us; if we LET them work that weird "Make Burrows a STAR, even on the run"-offense, it'll force us into a full-on shootout which probably os NOT to our advantage right now. That isn't Kyle Trask's game--even assuming he IS fully healthy and mobile to both sides. Someday that WILL be a dangerous choice for an opposing Coach to try wi th us--once Emory Jones is starting and in full command of Mullens' whole playbook.
    For now, We will HAVE to keep workin the balance, running Perrine and Pierce a certain percentage of the time even if it doesn't show much early on. We'll bitch about it, but it has to be invested in, right?
    (And BTW once again: DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TOMEY'S STATUS?!! I have tapped every source I have directly and indirectly with the team and Athletic department (I even stooped to asking a friend whose wife is a secretary in the office if SHE has heard anything, scuttlebutt or Doctors' appointments or ANYTHING--and the most notable thing is how NO ONE admits to knowing ANYTHING. GAME 1 SINCE he RAN off the field holding a forearm, we're told then it "wasn't broken" now here it is Game 7 and still not a glimpse, not a word...I'm sorry, but given how we see how this staff otherwise deals with such things, I begin to wonder about this kid's HEART! SORRY, perhaps unworthy on my part, but we NEED him and he has become a TOTAL NO-SHOW (and I'm gonna feel really stupid and bad if it turns out they discovered some serious systemic illness that in truth has him now fightimg for his life, and meanwhile he and his family chose to keep it private--but at this point, that is beginning to look like the least "ignoble" explanation, I'm sad to say...Otherwise, starting to look more like "Ooooohhhh, oh POO! My arm still hurts. I can't play--I can hardly hold my cards up when we play poker at rehab...I gotta consider my CAREER! Gimme some more pain meds!!!" HEY, kiddo--at this rate you won't HAVE a "career".
    Guess we'll know for sure only when he either is suddenly back on the field, or exits the team "for undisclosed reasons"...Me, I'm more and more beginning to expect the latter...)
    Back to the game and everyone and everything else:
    Tim Tebow made a good and telling point leading up to the Auburn game about how we tend to look down on a quarterback "just" aiming to "be a game manager", but that THAT was exactly at least ONE of the things Kyle Trask needs to be now--and he proceeded to do just that against Auburn, and lets face it:
    We were all suddenly afraid we'd LOST that when he appeared to go down...and all in all, though the flashes of additional skills we saw in Emory while HE was out there (didja all note how well he threw the ball? He fakes like Tebow and even more like Leak and Wuerfel before him, but when he lets go it is sharp and arrives where it needs to BE: Swain shoulda HAD that one throw for an in stride TD!), but really the big relief was that for the most part it seemed HE could "manage the game too"... For the moment, I see all the reasons why Trask has got to be the starter and Emory the backup--more than EVER now that Kyle is a bit dinged but playable--and that aspect of his game, "the calm, confident and level-headed 'game manager' " is a big part of what has this team reflecting that, staying focused and confident. I wish we could do a little more for that outstanding defense we are fielding--but THEY seem to be asserting the idea that "Hey--Y'all put at least 24 points up there, we can make it hold up!"
    Now, that may be playing with fire heading into this one, considering the roll THEY'VE been on, and where we gotta go to meet them--but all in all it's the way you'd WANT our D to at least SEE it...I'd just love to see our offense break open its ground game somehow (yeah, yeah, with this O-line it'll be up to skill and scheme with our RBs, I'm afraid) and along with the bubble-screen defacto "long handoffs" put up at least 35 points there; I have a feeling that if we do, we take this one... Don't, won't.
  11. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Lol Funny: I was raised a GIANTS fan 'cause MY dad's favorite place growing up was NYC (they moved there from Arizona, from what I gather)--only in HE and HIS FRIENDS' neighborhood they were all Giants fans--HATED the Dodgers AND the Yanks! Amazing how NYC had all those teams until the late 50s...then had to go and start the Mets in '60 there was such a void after the "Gints" and "Da Bums" split for greener pastures (and new crowds/new stadiums/more money blah blah blah)
    Wherever my Dad was stationed while we were growing up, he'd make sure to take me at least a coupla times a season, one night and one day game to the closest major league teams' home stadium when the Giants were visiting... This was the era of Willie Mayes and Willie McCovey and Orlando Cepeda and Juan Marichal with that high kick pitching...While Dad was getting his Psychiatry Med degree at Pitt, that meant I got to see them match up against a very good Pirates team in the years just after their World Series win...could compare and contrast the Giants stars with Roberto Clemente (who always seemed more a GIANTS-STYLE player to me) and Dick Groat (a gangly white boy who just didn't LOOK the part of a perrenial MVP and Batting Avg Champion!), not to mention a team with scary good starting pitching...And I still remember sitting there along the 3rd base line staring into the Pirates' Forbes Field bullpen, seeing the pot-bellied relievers (in those days tending to be over-the-hill once-starring starters, drinking cans of free IRON CITY BEER outta big barrel of ice with their logo on it and a metal "churchkey" tied to the top hoop, often chain smoking cigarettes slouched in their chairs out in the sun on a cool clean Pittsburch afternoon LOL).
    NO, liked watching Clemente but never cottoned much to the Pirates as a rooting interest...calling Florida home, aside from the bottomline family Giants interest I tended to root for the Braves--that's who played on the radio everywhere you road your bike on those long, Florida summer afternoons...

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