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Max Staver


Gator Fan
I'm new so I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet but Max Staver has to be one of the biggest question marks we have on our committ list. We did'nt have much to overcome to get him as the likes of Memphis, Northern Colorado, Tenn State, and Miss. State were the only other programs that offered. I love his size and he seems to have better than average speed for a kid his size. But watching his videos he seems to loft a lot of passes that will need more zip in the SEC and I'm aware he isn't in an offense that is focused on his arm but his stats this season are a concern(5 tds 8 ints). Either we are taking this kid as a rebound from losing Buchanan to Ole Miss, a ploy to get his Brentwood teammate Jalen Ramsey, or the coaching staff sees this kid as a work in progress that with a RS may bloom into a quality player for us. I'm really hoping for the latter. Interested to hear opinions and if you have heard any "street talk" about this kid.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
I try not to second guess the coaches. They are wise to take a QB every year. The Gators always have at least six QBs on hand, although not all have a scholarship. Pease might be taking Staver because he sees a taller version of Kellen Moore, Sam Bradford, or Greg McElroy--all three scouted as 3-stars with doubtful arm strength.

My guess is that Pease is after Staver's intelligence. Pease favors brains over star ratings and arm strength.


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Yeah, I'm with E- here...I know what you mean about his "soft pass", 13SF, but he DOES "get it there", it's accurate and an easy ball to CATCH. I trust Pease's thinking AND vision as a tactical innovator and implementor of a well-designed gameplan; if he sees someone who he thinks/feels might be teachable/eventually-moldable into his onfield-identity, then Hey, I say we go with it (and he noticed and seemed to go after this kid pretty early, and stuck with it). It seems clear we're gonna have several different QBs "coming along", in various "stages of removal" from even a back-up role, with the redshirt being used to stagger them all in terms of "coming along", both in what they are learning and how fast, and when/how close they are to being "moved closer" to competing for a spot on the field in games.
We've still got Mornigweg, too (from PennSt., who was REALLY hot on him being THEIR next starting QB), so you can see a kind of "line of potential pairs " beginning to develop, with our OC, etc., still not certain that our PRESENT "back-up", Jacoby Brisset (who , let's face it, we were fortunate to have, and played EXACTLY the part a superb Back-up can play, coming in with the team's confidence--probably his greatest, most valuable trait--and making both the emotional and actual, practical difference in that La-La-game, soothing/smoothing the team's fears, and finally driving the offense down for the tie and making that "miracle ending" possible instead of a disastrous loss, the hope being he stays), won't skip and transfer this off-season, causing us to have to move more aggressively to find and develop his replacement, and altering the "line-of-possible-succession" I highlight here.
Yep, bringing in at least one promising QB-recruit per year seems a prudent move towards providing for an annually contending team's provisional future.