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Gators Graduation Fall 2018

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by Escambia94, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Seven current Gators and two former Gators will graduate this weekend!

    • Ahmad Black (Family, Youth And Community Sciences)
      • Florida Gators DB (SS) 2007-2010, 1X SEC champion, 1X national champion
      • All American 2010
      • All SEC 2010
      • NFL 5th round draft pick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
      • SS (Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2011-2013)
    • Ike Hilliard (Criminology)
      • UF Hall of Fame
      • Florida - Georgia Hall of Fame
      • Florida Gators WR 1994 - 1998, 3X SEC champion, 1X national champion
      • Consensus All American 1996
      • NFL 1st round draft pick, New York Giants
      • WR (New York Giants 1997-2004), Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2005-2008)
      • WR coach for Washington Redskins
    • Sr OL (LT) Martez Ivey (African American Studies)
    • Sr OL (C, RG, LG) Tyler Jordan
    • RJr WR Glenn Jarriel (Biology)
    • RSr TE C'yontai Lewis (African American Studies)
    • RSr K Jorge Powell (Construction Management)
    • RSr FB/ ST R.J. Raymond (Tourism, Events and Recreation Management)
    • RSr TE Moral Stephens (African American Studies)
  2. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Only tangentially connected, but fact I am even here, texting now another indication that this is gonna be a TOUGH " 'Tween Season" this time around...
    I mean, here I am, a little after 6am on a Saturday morning, the "Directional Dakota" FCS Semifinal replay (I ASSUME it's a "replay" at this point LOL) on my bedroom TV as I awaken to its sound and
    and the smell of coffee brewing...I am online now in the first place to look up the game line-up for today, and know that I'll be watching relatively (to me anyway) meaningless match-ups most of the day, sucking up as much crap college football as I can these next coupla weeks plus...Then it'll be a focus on recruiting news right up til NSD: Then THE GAP, little but rumors and whatever transfer action we can glean, right up til the "Spring Game" (whatever they are calling it)...
    All of it our "REWARD" for an unexpectedly MORE than "promising" season, however it actually "ends", whatever kind of taste this last one in Atlanta leaves in our mouths.
    We'll yak about THAT one plenty these next two weeks, of course. I intend to roll in it, damn well DROWN in the run-up to this Michigan game in my own way--at least that's what it FEELS like I should do, somehow: Get the most out of EVERY MOMENT, every play, squeeze these last few drops out of a season that to me has seemed to rush by this year.
    I love college football, and of course I love our Gators. We are finally back on track, clearly headed in "the right direction"--only question now is "How fast?", or put another way, "How SOON???". How soon til we are back in "the annual discussion"? How soon until WE are playing in that Championship game? How SOON until we too are AT LEAST "an inevitable part of that annual DISCUSSION"?
    I can't wait. That's the problem. But this is the FUN PART: What's directly ahead, whatever the actual details, the ups and downs, the breaks either way and the speed at which they line up in our favor (or not), THAT ride is now ahead: We're on the slow, tick tick tick upslope climb on that "first hill", the highest one whose potential energy we have felt and witnessed in the course of THIS season, the one winding up now...
    Feel it? That feeling of anticipation, excitement AND foreboding as the fromt car approaches the peak, about to cross over and DOWN, pulling us with it:
    Here we go.
    I wish the Seniors well. They have seen, been through a lot, us right along with 'em. The ones who get shots in The League are the Fortunate Few, and even fewer of THOSE will truly cash in directly.
    Even more so the Juniors who leave early. Won't bother getting into THAT discussion here--our Head Coach is a good and honest guy when it comes to advising his young charges, wants the best for them in every way and for practical as WELL as emotional/sentimental reasons--but wider factors of family, lifelong dreams and god-only-knows what many OTHER influences out there will play out now...As fans all WE can do is face forward, LOOK AHEAD.
    And like I say, I am damn near drowning in that reality, that sea of "Possible Futures".
    And that's at a time when OPTIMISM seems warranted! LOL...
    You hear a lotta folks noting now how "fan" comes from the root word, "fanatic"--how apt that is and a comment on our true natures...
    It strikes me that this is more than some small bit of self-depracating humor, a way of acknowledging the borderline craziness involved. In fact, I will go a step further here: I listen to some of these callers on Paul Finebaum, for example, the way they are not merely encouraged but actually enshrined, welcomed and come to be COUNTED ON to participate in a regular, even "daily-crazed" way...It drives ME away, but I do come back at some point, and in general have to admit my OWN tendency to react strongly to certain trends, to make sure SOMEONE offers counterarguments (at the moment, my main concern is with devaluation of EACH GAME of the season, and a parallel failure to properly appreciate differences between schedule strengths from school to school, Conference to Conference is starting to be "conveniently eroded")...
    In short, maybe I am just another in a further such "root-word" development:
    If "fan" comes from "fanatic", does "man" come from "maniac"??! 'Cause maybe I'M one of THOSE, a "MAN"...
    (laughing) Whatta y'all think?
  3. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Try not to get caught up in what sports news is reporting. The ones on ESPN want to devalue conference alignments so they can push for expanded playoffs. Imagine how much money ESPN would make if there were an 8, 16, or 32 team playoff! Right now the big networks fork out $500M per year to broadcast FBS games for 13 weeks, plus a couple million they chip in for bowl games, but they net hundreds of millions (assume $200M net per major network, e.g. ESPN main channel, SEC Network, B1G Network, et cetera).

    Now look at the smaller schools. The AAC, MAC, MWC, and other Group of 5 conferences barely net a tenth of what the big conferences make. Each team in the G5 conferences is making a couple million or losing money that is balanced out by the conference! Of course the networks want to flatten the business model and lump all 130 FBS teams into a single playoff system that allows schools like UCF at $43M revenue ($2M profit) to compete against Alabama at $175M revenue ($40M profit). The NCAA itself does not sanction national championships or playoffs, but they certainly enjoy the money they get to take in as 130 FBS teams, 124 FCS teams, 169 division 2 teams, and 250 division 3 football teams fight for national championships!

    In short, the only reason Finebaum, Herbstreit, and others clamor for expanded playoffs and they devalue conference alignments is that they stand to gain more money and longer seasons as broadcasters.

    Finally, look at how much revenue the top 20 programs generate, and how much profit they take home. Alabama's profit is the same as UCF's revenue. Alabama makes more showing up to a NY6 bowl than UCF makes in profit! UCF is not a top 20 program. The top 20 programs make enough money to limit playoff expansion and keep conference alignments.
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  4. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Well and succinctly said. I just hope you are right in your implied reasurance that their (ESPN shills, etc) continued naked self-interest will remain frustrated and powerless to change the REAL money and clear "where OUR interests lie"-view that SEC-regents, ADs and the rest SHOULD (and so far DO) hold to, and will continue to turn a smirking deaf ear to the mounting effort to rally their COMPLETELY corrupt-in-a-sea-of-dollars-posing-as-public-opinion claims that it is all a matter of "fairness", "logic" and "the tide of inevitability".
    These are greedy, selfish little fools short-sightedly intent on killing the goose that LAID those "golden eggs" in the first place: the uniqueness of major college football's intense value inherent in EACH GAME, first til last, throughout the season.
    I could go on, was ABOUT to--but I realize you are right, E--: There is no point in getting too wrapped up in this argument or bogged down in what are not honest "opinions" in the first place. We are dealing with a fundamental "power play" here, after all. I don't wish to feed it.
    But it DOES concern me, this obvious campaign to destroy the best parts of our competition in and among great programs with long-standing, complex, distinct, deeply held and developed attitudes, traditions and different approaches in how we do things ourselves AND towards each other.
    All these TV people TALK about these things, hype "tradition" as a convenient framework to present a particular telecast, but their larger aims would render it all a quaint remnant of the past.
    It is a HELL of a lot more than "just programming" to US.
  5. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Here is a look at the recruiting classes of 2014 for the redshirt seniors and the class of 2015 for the seniors.

    Five of these graduates came from the recruiting class of 2014, and another two from the class of 2015. Check out what happened to the rest of the recruiting classes!

    Class of 2014:
    1. Will Grier, QB, 6'3", 185, 4*, 12/19/12 Davidson, NC EE
      • Suspended one year in October 2015. Transferred to West Virginia April 2016. Graduated December 2017. Left West Virginia December 2018.
    2. Duke Dawson, CB, 5'11", 184, 1/8/13 4* Cross City, FL EE
      • 2018 NFL Draft, round 2, New England Patriots
    3. Travaris Dorsey, OG, 6'3", 280, 3* Jacksonville, FL 2/16/13 Junior Day
      • Transferred March 2016 to Tuskegee.
    4. C'yontai Lewis, TE, 6'5", 208, 3* Tuscaloosa, AL 5/23/2013
      • Graduated December 2018 (African American studies)
      • Projected UDFA
    5. JC Jackson, CB, 5'11", 185, 4* Immokalee, FL 6/8/2013
      • Arrested for armed robbery April 2015 and dismissed from team. Found not guilty November 2015. Transferred to Riverside CC in 2015, then Maryland in 2016.
      • 2018 NFL draft UDFA, signed with New England Patriots.
    6. Taven Bryan, SDE, 6'5", 250, 3* Casper, WY 6/12/2013 EE
      • 2nd Team All-SEC 2017
      • 2018 NFL Draft, 1st round, Jacksonville Jaguars
    7. Khairi Clark, DT, 6'2", 325, 4* Hollywood, FL 6/22/2013
      • Graduated December 2018
      • Projected UDFA
    8. Justus Reed, DE, 6'4", 235, 3* Clearwater, FL 7/25/2013
      • Transferred April 2017 to Youngstown State
    9. Nolan Kelleher, OT, 6'5", 296, 4* Mt Pleasant, SC 7/25/2013 EE
      • Medically retired in 2014 due to injuries
    10. Quincy Wilson, S, 6'2", 195, 4* Ft Lauderdale, FL 8/12/2013
      • 2nd team All-SEC 2016
      • 2017 NFL draft, 2nd round, Indianapolis Colts.
    11. DeAndre Goolsby, TE, 6'5", 235, 3* Derby, KS 11/8/2013 EE
      • 2018 NFL Draft UDFA, signed with Jacksonville Jaguars
    12. Ryan Sousa, WR, 6'1", 175, 3* Orlando, FL 12/2/2013
      • Transferred to Southern Illinois April 2016.
    13. Moral Stephens, TE, 6'3", 215, 4* Perry, FL 12/12/2013
      • Graduated December 2018 (African American studies)
    14. David Sharpe, OT, 6'8", 275, 4* Jacksonville, FL 12/12/2013
      • 2017 NFL Draft, 4th round, Oakland Raiders.
    15. Gerald Willis, SDE, 6'4", 247, 1/2/2014, 4* New Orleans, LA (Flipped from LSU at UA Game) EE
      • Dismissed from team at the end of 2014 after a few incidents.
      • Went to Miami in 2014.
      • Took leave of absence from football in 2016 before returning to Miami.
    16. Kavaris Harkless, OT, 6'5", 269, 6-5, 269, Jacksonville, FL 1/4/2014 EE 3*
    17. Teez (Jalen) Tabor, CB, 6'1", 182, 4* Washington, DC (flipped from Arizona after the UA Game) EE 5*
      • 2X All-SEC (2015, 2016)
      • 2017 NFL draft, 2nd round, Detroit Lions
    18. Drew Sarvary, OL, 6'7", 310, 12/18/2013 Tyler JC transfer EE 3*
      • Medically retired in 2014 due to injuries
    19. Brandon Powell, RB, 5'10" 171, 1/9/2014, Deerfield Beach, FL 4*
      • 2018 NFL Draft UDFA, signed with Detroit Lions
    20. Thomas Holley, DT, 6'4", 303, 1/15/2014, 4* Brookyln, NY (flipped from Penn State after James Franklin hired) 4*
      • Medically retired in April 2016.
    21. Deiondre Porter, ATH, 6'1", 185, 1/20/2014, 3* Tampa, FL
      • Arrested October 2015 for armed robbery and dismissed from team. April 2017 sentenced to 6 years in prison.
    22. Andrew Mike, OL, 6'7", 270, 2/4/2014, 3* Tucson, AZ (flipped from Vanderbilt on NSD-1)
      • Transferred to Rice in 2017
    23. Treon Harris, QB 5-11 170 of Booker T. Washington High School, Miami, Fla. 4* (flipped from FSU)
      • Transferred to Tennessee State after multiple legal issues in January 2016.
    24. C.J. Worton, WR 6-0 170 of South Dade Senior High School, Homestead, Fla. 3*
      • Transferred to FIU April 2017.
    • Jorge Powell, K 5-10 160 of Belen Jesuit Prep, Miami, Fla. ** (preferred walk -on)
      • Graduated December 2018 (Construction Management)
    Class of 2015:

    1. OT Tyler Jordan 6-4 270 Bishop Kenny HS, Jacksonville, FL. 2/22/14 3*
      • Graduated December 2018
    2. TE/DE Camrin Knight 6-4 220 Lincoln HS, Tallahassee, FL. 2/26/14 3*
      • Transferred April 2016
    3. DE Andrew Ivie 6-3 260 Pasco HS, Dade City, FL. 6/29/14. 3*
      • Medical exemption April 2016
    4. WR/TE Kalif Jackson 6-5 197 Duncan Fletcher HS, Neptune Beach, FL. 7/29/14. 3* EE
      • Graduated December 2017
      • Graduate transfer to Grambling 2018
    5. OG Brandon Sandifer 6-4 329 Northside HS, Warner Robbins GA. 8/13/14. 4*
      • Transferred Georgia State March 2017
    6. TE Daniel Imatorbehebe 6-4 227 North Gwinett HS Suwanee, GA 3* EE
      • Transferred USC 2015
    7. LB Rayshad Jackson 6-1 205 Norland HS, Miami, FL. 3*
    8. DE Jabari Zuniga 6-3 255 Sprayberry HS, Marietta, GA. 4*
    9. OG Richard Desir Jones 6-3 292 St Thomas Aquinas HS, Ft Lauderdale, FL. 3*
      • Suspended 9/1/2017 (credit card fraud)
      • Transfer 1/22/2018 Coffeyville CC, Kansas
    10. OT Fredrick Johnson 6-8 285 Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL. 4*
    11. DE Luke Ancrum 6-5 230. Sebring High School, Sebring FL. 2*
    12. RB Jordan Scarlett 5-11 205. St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Fort Lauderdale FL. 4*
      • Suspended 9/1/2017 (credit card fraud)
      • Rejoined the team in 2018
    13. LS/TE Jacob Tilghman 6-3 220. Mainland High School. Daytona Beach FL. Walk-on Commitment (does not count against signing of 25 max on NSD or the 85 scholarship cap).
    14. OT Martez Ivey 6-5 275 Apopka HS, Apopka, FL. 5*
      • Graduated December 2018 (African American Studies)
      • Listed at 6-5 306 lbs for NFL scouts
      • Freshman All-SEC 2015
    15. ATH/RB Jordan Cronkrite 5-11 198 Westminster Christian, Miami, FL 4*
      • Transferred to USF April 2017
    16. RB D'Anfernee McGriff 6-1 230 Tallahassee Leon, Tallahassee, FL 4*
      • Flipped from Auburn. Did not academically qualify for enrollment at Florida. Went to JuCo, then went to FAU.
    17. WR Antonio Callaway 5-11 185 Booker T Washington, Miami, FL 3*
      • Suspended 9/1/2017 (potential drug test failure)
      • UDFA 2018 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns
    18. CB Chris Williamson 6-1 190 Gainesville, Gainesville, GA 3*
      • Transferred July 2017
    19. SDE Keivonnis Davis 6-4 227 Miami Central, Miami, FL 3*
      • Suspended 9/1/2017 (credit card fraud)
      • Injured after suspension
      • Reinstated 2018, but dismissed after failing drug test
    20. S Kylan Johnson 6-3 202 Skyline, Dallas, TX 3*
    21. OT Nick Buchanan 6-4 280 Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA 3*
    22. SDE CeCe Jefferson 6-2 275 Baker County, Glen Saint Mary, FL 5*
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  6. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Geez..."Devil in the DETAILS": Those "details", more or less buried below their names above, comprise a litany of our lingering lockerroom problems after Meyer left, into and on THRU Muschamp and McEllwaine.
    Hopefully most of that behind us now, right along with THEM, for the most part. The few exceptions either took THEMSELVES "out of the GATOR picture" (as with Grier, for whatever reasons--mostly Mac's short-sighted and inept innattention to his players' off-field needs), or bit the bullet and worked their way back to trust and success as part of the TEAM (as in Scarlett's case). STILL like to see Scarlett and Perine stay their senior years, improve their draft status while at same time being "part of something special" that seems about to blossom forth at UF--all the more so with their staying and flourishing here. I truly believe the risk/reward equation appears poised to work FOR them both in this case.

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