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Florida Gators in the NFL Draft: A Historical Perspective


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Florida Gators have 361 NFL draft picks since 1936, and are 1 of 4 teams to have at least one player selected each year in the modern draft era. Walter "Tiger" Mayberry was the first NFL draft pick from the University of Florida, where he was taken as a Back for the Los Angeles Rams in the 8th round. The first 1st round pick (#2 overall) from UF was Paul Duhart, who was taken as a Back by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1945. Here is a look at all 55 of the 1st round NFL draft picks of all time:
- Paul Duhart, B, Los Angeles Rams, 1945-R1 (2)
- Chuck Hunsinger, RB, Chicago Bears, 1950-R1 (3)
- Steve Spurrier, QB, San Francisco 49ers, 1967-R1 (3)
- Wes Chandler, WR, New Orleans Saints, 1978-R1 (3)
- Gerard Warren, DT, Cleveland Browns, 2001-R1 (3)
- Dante Fowler, LB, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2015-R1 (3)
- Kyle Pitts, TE, Atlanta Falcons, 2021-R1 (4)
- Lomas Brown, OT, Detroit Lions, 1985-R1 (6)
- Kevin Carter, DE, Los Angeles Rams, 1995-R1 (6)
- Ike Hilliard, WR, New York Giants, 1997-R1 (7)
- Joe Haden, DB, Cleveland Browns, 2010-R1 (7)
- Larry Smith, RB, Los Angeles Rams, 1969-R1 (8)
- Steve Tannen, DB, New York Jets, 1970-R1 (8)
- Derrick Harvey, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2008-R1 (8)
- Fred Taylor, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars, 1998-R1 (9)
- CJ Henderson, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2020-R1 (9)
- Travis Taylor, WR, Baltimore Ravens, 2000-R1 (10)
- Wilber Marshall, LB, Chicago Bears, 1984-R1 (11)
- Vernon Hargreaves III, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2016-R1 (11)
- Trace Armstrong, DE, Chicago Bears, 1989-R1 (12)
- James Jones, RB, Detroit Lions, 1983-R1 (13)
- John Reaves, QB, Philadelphia Eagles, 1972-R1 (14)
- Glen Cameron, LB, Cincinnati Bengals, 1975-R1 (14)
- Kenyatta Walker, OT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2001-R1 (14)
- John L. Williams, RB, Seattle Seahawks, 1986-R1 (15)
- Huey Richardson, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1991-R1 (15)
- Ellis Johnson, DT, Indianapolis Colts, 1995-R1 (15)
- Mike Pouncey, OG, Miami Dolphins, 2011-R1 (15)
- Reidel Anthony, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1997-R1 (16)
- Jevon Kearse, LB, Tennessee Titans, 1999-R1 (16)
- Emmitt Smith, RB, Dallas Cowboys, 1990-R1 (17)
- Jarvis Moss, DE, Denver Broncos, 2007-R1 (17)
- Keanu Neal, DB, Atlanta Falcons, 2016-R1 (17)
- Maurkice Pouncey, OC, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2010-R1 (18)
- Jack Youngblood, DE, Los Angeles Rams, 1971-R1 (20)
- Kadarius Toney, WR, New York Giants, 2021-R1 (20)
- Clifford Charlton, LB, Cleveland Browns, 1988-R1 (21)
- Reggie Nelson, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2007-R1 (21)
- Jarrad Davis, LB, Detroit Tigers, 2017-R1 (21)
- Rex Grossman, QB, Chicago Bears, 2003-R1 (22)
- Percy Harvin, WR, Minnesota Vikings, 2009-R1 (22)
- David Williams, OT, Houston Oilers, 1989-R1 (23)
- Mo Collins, OT, Oakland Raiders, 1998-R1 (23)
- Shariff Floyd, DT, Minnesota Vikings, 2013-R1 (23)
- Reggie McGrew, San Francisco 49ers, 1999-R1 (24)
- DJ Humphries, Arizona Cardinals, 2015-R1 (24)
- Louis Oliver, DB, Miami Dolphins, 1989-R1 (25)
- Tim Tebow, QB, Denver Broncos, 2010-R1 (25)
- Lito Sheppard, DB, Philadelphia Eagles, 2002-R1 (26)
- Lorenzo Hampton, RB, Miami Dolphins, 1985-R1 (27)
- Neal Anderson, RB, Chicago Bears, 1986-R1 (27)
- Ricky Nattiel, WR, Denver Broncos, 1987-R1 (27)
- Dominique Easley, DT, New England Patriots, 2014-R1 (29)
- Taven Bryan, DT, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2018-R1 (29)
- Matt Elam, DB, Baltimore Ravens, 2013-R1 (32)

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