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6 undefeated


VIP Member
I am just wondering WHY the Ohio St. Luckeyes (oh, I just answered my question) are back at #1. If the pollsters would admit that they have a weak schedule, they would not be #1. It would be like putting the 6 undefeated teams #'s 1 - 6. How ridiculous is that? It would look something like this:

1. South Florida
2. Arizona St.
3. Boston College
4. Ohio St.
5. Hawaii
6. Kansas

I am not too worried because I see OSU losing 3 of their last 5 games. And as far as the GATORS go, I see them climbing in the top 5 at least.

Boston College will lose to Va. Tech
I (hope) Auburn beats LSU
Florida will beat Kentucky AND South Carolina
Oklahoma will go down to Oklahoma St.
Arizona St. plays Cal, USC and Oregon

So there is at least 8 positions to drop while we jump others based on performance and rank of the team we play.

Let us pray.........


VIP Member
It would look better for Auburn to beat LSU and them to have 1 loss going into the SEC Champ because tht makes UF winning tht game seem bigger. But we play presumably 3 top 10 teams and 5 Top 25 teams in our last 6 maybe 7 game (7 if we win the East) So theres no wayy we shouldnt be in the NC Game if we win those.


Gator Fan
I'm wondering if OSU is #1 because well... they were #1 all last year and went undefeated until the BCS Championship game. So they've only lost 1 game in like 2 years.


VIP Member
OSU is #1 because of last season. They were #1 all year, even though they were very overrated. Not trying to state the obvious, but they are MORE overrated this year. The Big Ten is the most overrated conference this year, maybe EVER. As much as it sounds so wrong, South Florida should be #1 till proven otherwise. At least they beat Auburn and West Virginia. Who has OSU beat?? Exactly.

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