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Requiem for a Coach—and Maybe a Program


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First take, Post-Mizzou...
The title says it all:
About where things are for this Coach, in my view, AND indeed, for how I currently am feeling about our program and college football as a WHOLE.
I really liked having Dan Mullen as our Coach: I thought we were in good, honest and capable hands. The fact that it could all “go south” so suddenly and so fast is what has me down. The fact that he had SEEMED to be “doing it the right way”, but that that somehow couldn’t WIN is what worries and depresses me now.
At the very least, the idea that all of us who saw it that way were so wrong is now supposed to be “the GOOD news”—that there is some other, TRULY “right way” that can get us there, if we can only FIND “the right guy” and get him IN here to GET TO WORK, soon as POSSIBLE—is the only crumb of “hope” out there that we can and WILL pick ourselves up and GET TO IT—and that the sun will INDEED rise again!
I just don’t know that I have the time and/or patience to suffer through all that may be ahead, BETWEEN “here and there”, before it finally comes to pass. I am that disillusioned now.
I saw “0-10-and-1” as an undergrad! I don’t HAVE another 50 years here, if we have truly fallen THAT far back into sub-mediocrity.
I just can’t TELL now. I cling to the thread of thought: “Things happen much more quickly now! Look how fast we LOST ground: Maybe “someone else” can pull us back almost as quickly...But then again, it’s ALWAYS easier to fall than to climb. Aw hell with it. Guess I’m just gonna have to ride it out with everyone else, see what happens.
But watching a Coach I liked and admired give up on a job AND his team like I think I did today was a bit too much.
I don’t know if I have the required patience or STOMACH for it as I once did.

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