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Coach Billy Napier’s New Coaching Staff


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To be fair, discussion has been difficult because there are so many staffers. UF has been pretty smart about spreading out the hiring announcements. Now that Napier has all 10 on-field assistants we can start assessing the hires; however, I want to wait and see what other off-field assistants openings are available. What Napier has done is unprecedented at UF. In addition to negotiating for a larger salary pool for on-field and off-field assistants, he has negotiated for a dedicated salary pool for staff support. The salaries for some of the off-field assistants and staff support may result in larger salaries for these folks than the on-fleld and off-field assistants at other programs. I doubt there are any more major hires, but we can take some time now to evaluate this staff. So far Napier's army has drawn the highest praise from those in the know. Two of the offensive coaches won awards as coach of the year in their conference. Five or six of the coaches on both sides were top-20 recruiters at other programs.
OK...Points all well-taken:
I too have found both the breadth of hiring and its spread over these first coupla months difficult even catch up with, let alone evaluate. The two things that have seemed clear were the willingness and intention to “pay for quality”, and this Coach and resulting hires’ being marked by an “attention to detail”.
So: I hear what you are saying, and suppose it is only fair I follow my own advice to Gator Nation of late: “Patience! Let’s see what we’ve got, and what they actually DO...”. Right?