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Coach Billy Napier’s New Coaching Staff


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Mullen’s recruits were lazy or undisciplined. McElwain’s were soft and undisciplined. Muschamp’s were thugs or idiots. Napier’s recruits will not be any of those. Get with the program or get the fuck out.
(@Escambia94, @Leakfan12, @Dale J. Rodriguez, : )
If that IS what amounts to “the BOTTOMLINE” BEHIND all of what I referred to above, then RIGHT ON!!!
—I’m all FOR it:
“GO GATORS”. And indeed,
“Welcome Billy Napier!!!”
(...It may TAKE SOME TIME to comfortably begin to realize and recognize the kind of results he is after, that we all LONG for—and have been hoping, PRAYING for with each successive Coaching change for more than a DECADE—but if this is what it takes, and indeed now finally comes to pass, then DAMNIT it will have been worth it after all!)


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As everyone “out there” notes, our staff continues to “fill out in steady, encouraging fashion”.
I guess the notable “news” then is that we finally hear that a Napier-visited prospect has committed to us.


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Been watching some of these “lesser teams in lesser post-regular-season games”, and one thing that strikes me is how even among these smaller programs with 7-5 records, the quality of tackling and general technique on BOTH sides of the ball is of a quality of tightness and execution that EXCEEDS what we all too often saw from OUR players over the course of the last coupla seasons—sometimes FAR outplaying them!
We clearly REALLY NEEDED a strong infusion of better coaches, top-to-bottom on both sides of the line-of-scrimmage here at UF!
And one thing that comes through LOUD AND CLEAR here over the last few days is that we are in the process of getting exactly THAT now. Coach BN has come in here “guns blazing”: It seems clear that he had the explicit mandate, the money and “go-ahead” to really upgrade us IN DETAIL when it came to his Coaching staff.
If it all does translate to wholesale “upgrade” in onfield play, as I’m sure he (and all of THESE folk) INTENDS, perhaps we really WILL see a dramatic and notable change-for-the-better.
Finally: No more of those ENDLESS missed tackles, matador(“Ole!”)-blocks, etc.
Gotta hope so, anyway...I mean, it looks like this was the plan and an actual “prerequisite” for our new Coach coming IN; that has GOT to be what he had in mind from the start—a condition of his TAKING the job, I’d wager at this point! And it’s looking more and more like a shrewd move, from a long term strategic standpoint. Maybe less a “Big Splash” than flipping the “top recruit”, but more important for the LONG HAUL.
We shall see...


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Like a huge, building wave on a rushing, rising tide, all these hires have been gathering momentum—“Quantity has a quality all its own!” (the oft-quoted Lenin line) was what maybe sorta blinded me to the very real QUALITY to the growing overall depth of this staff as it filled out...but the more you look, the better the details of its impression—on ME, anyway!
With ESD we begin now finally to see the dividends it has and will inevitably begin more and more to PAY.
I have wanted to remain “quietly under control” in my attitude and utterances with respect to the parade of announcements and new faces; we have been through this process regularly and all too often these last several such “changings-of-the-guard”, after all—And here we are AGAIN.
But more and more, “THIS FEELS DIFFERENT!”...and with Katie and some of the rest of the latest “growing crowd of ‘highly-sought’ individuals” all somehow gathered and now in the fold here at UF it is more and more clear that this is NOT just “same ol’ SAME OL’ “ this time: I get the distinct impression that THINGS ARE GONNA BE DIFFERENT here now!!!


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Of course, I’m a little suspicious of my own judgement in such matters by now:
As late as the latter part of LAST season, despite mounting warning-signs to the contrary, I was still pretty darn sure we were on the right road with Coach Mullen at the helm, after all...so forgive me for being somewhat circumspect now.
It has taken me a number of days, moves and consideration of what we might learn from all that, what it tells us about the new Coach and everyone he’s brought in thus far, to begin to move from a steadfast, “I-reserve-judgement” position I stayed firmly at (stubbornly CLUNG TO, in fact) while more “facts” accrued.
I THINK things are shaping up well—but even now I recognize and continue to maintain that we WON’T REALLY KNOW until the next SEASON commences...and even THEN, this will be “a work in PROGRESS” for a season or two—at least until “we really KNOW”.
Let’s face it: It will always be RESULTS that count! And even then, after the way “early results” (either way) can fool us as to how well (or NOT) things are truly going, this time I plan to do my DAMNEDEST to wait, WITHHOLD “judgement” until more sure of what the results are really telling us.
So I anticipate a potentially longer period this time before we are able to well-interpret this regime’s real “level of accomplishment”—how much in the way of “success” or “failure” is truly warranted in analyzing their first efforts here at UF.
I only hope I am up to that level of unbiased fairness and clarity-of-vision.


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Here is a look at all of the new football staff:

Billy Napier, Head Coach (Offense and Quarterbacks)
Keary Colbert, Assistant Coach/ Wide Receivers
Willam Peagler, Assistant Coach/ Tight Ends
Jabbar, Juluke, Associate Head Coach - Offense/ Running Backs Coach
Corey Raymond, Assistant Head Coach - Defense, Cornerbacks
Darnell Stapleton, Offensive Line Coach
Patrick Toney, Co-Defensive Coordinator/ Safeties Coach

Mark Hocke, Associate Head Coach/ Director of Football Strength and Conditioning
Ryan O'Hara, Offensive Analyst - Quarterbacks
Marcus Castro-Walker, Director of Player Engagement & NIL
Doug Domingue, Director of Recruiting Innovation
Karmichael Dunbar, Assistant
Kyle Kazakevicius, Assistant DFO for Quality Control/ Assistant to the Head Coach
Jacob LaFrance, Director of Player Personnel
Nick McDonald, Personnel Analyst - Offense
Ashour Peera, Assistant DFO, Logistics and Analytics
Edward Thompson, Assistant Strength & Conditioning
Katie Turner, Assistant AD of Recruiting Strategy
Joe Danos, Director of Athletic Development
Joe Hamilton, Personnel Analyst - Defense

Retained from the old staff:
Vernell Brown, Director of Athletic Development
Keiwan Ratliff, Director of Communication
Corey Bell, Assistant Director of Player Personnel
Kelvin Bolden, Assistant Director of Player Personnel
Jamar Chaney, Defensive Analyst - Linebackers
Shariff Floyd, Undergraduate Advisor
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