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Week 5: #10 Florida Gators at Kentucky Wildcats 10/2/2021

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If Copeland kept his knee off the ground, they would have got to Overtime at least.
You know, I had already become overwhelmed with the crushing frustration and disappointment of the ongoing game STORY and gone out for a calming walk-in-the-dark around my neighborhood when that occurred...
I wasn’t aware of some of the details of those last moments until, well, until just a moment ago when your comment here spurred me to finally steel myself and take a (ff-aided) look at all that; glad I WASN’T watching at the time, too:
YIKES! All that was even more excruciating than I thought based on what imagination (and zero change on my phone’s scoreboard, or the lack of texts from various individuals who were aware of my self-imposed late-game “blackout”) seemed to indicate!
I KNEW that, just having driven down to their 10 yd line TWICE in the waning moments with only 3 points gained in the score, somehow showed a terribly frustrating “close failure” there at the end...but THAT!
It was everything I surmised regarding both our poor preparation and play-calling in the end letting us down.
Sure—so MUCH “woulda/shoulda/COULDA”:
Enough THIS time to last a LIFETIME!
But it was a game-long PROCESSION of questionably over-CAUTIOUS (and surprisingly conservative) calls on offense, tactically and strategically, that somewhat inevitably doomed us on this night—PUT us in that position where we NEEDED “a break”, multiple “more fortunate outcomes”, in the FIRST place!
Never should have COME to that, imho—you see?
Frankly, LF, I THOUGHT coming INTO this one that we had progressed, had finally grown into more the kind of squad that DIDN’T “beat ITSELF” that way anymore...
Man, was I wrong!
Hence my proposed “retrench and build BACK as quickly as possible”-plan. Maybe there is a “more publicly acceptable”, “more pc” route to the same “fast track learn, apply, evolve, ADVANCE”-sequence of future events...some more likely way by which Mullen & Co. could get it turned around THIS season and thus be able to make a properly full-blown successful run NEXT season after ALL.
But my fear of course is that I am truly in fact just “blowing smoke” now: That our CHANCES were lost, blown away like that “smoke” our play in the UK game amounted to the other night, in the final analysis. Neither mine nor any potential alternate plan is likely to be even tried now.
Instead, it’ll be a return to “the usual”, “the same ol’ SAME OL”:
But “9-and-4 and a place in the Gator Bowl”, or WHATEVER, won’t fix or CHANGE ANYTHING! Only a bold shift of method, approach and DIRECTION, our very ATTITUDE towards ALL of it and how we direct our own DESTINY can truly see us through to accelerated recovery and realistic success anytime soon.
THAT is my fervent belief and hope.


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At least so far, going on a coupla days and I STILL can’t really bear to watch “Gator Breakdown” or the post game Mullen Pressers...
I guess the fact that the NEXT game is VANDY (where victory gains us practically NOTHING, risk-of-injury hardly worth more, and even a HINT of an emotional let down nonetheless could send the team and program into a tailspin whose repercussions would likely reverberate for YEARS) has us in the grip of a lingering depression.
In a way, I wish we were playing one of our tougher SEC rivals—NOT necessarily UGA yet, but maybe someone like LSU? Way I see it, ain’t so important we WIN this next one as we HAVE TO SNAP TO ATTENTION: the players reach deep inside, look to each other and quickly COME TOGETHER...
REGROUP. In somehow showing themselves and the WORLD that they still ARE a team, a FORCE to be reckoned with after ALL...Better yet, if they could somehow reel OFF a few WINS over stiff competition they might at LEAST begin to effectively wash away the lingering stench of frustration attaching to an under-achieving LOSER! As things stand now, WE have effectively been the means by which KENTUCKY has finally fully shed its OWN such feelings!
I don’t know about YOU, but seeing the titles and headlines flashing by when I glance over then FLEE YouTube, etc now—“Wildcats Leap Up Rankings In Aftermath of Florida Win!” and so on—is simply unbearable, unacceptable right now...Any WONDER I avoid it? I’m not sure I even want to WATCH OUR next one: As I say, So far I can envision no game-story that would give us any true relief now. Even “WINNING BIG, AS EXPECTED”!
The TRUTH is, since I haven’t been able to stomach even listening to or watching Mullen’s postgame presser(s), I have no idea what he is even SAYING will be his and the team’s supposed reaction to this loss and how they will therefore approach the remainder of this SEASON, and beyond...So I don’t even have ANY IDEA of what’s likely coming, least of all if there is ANY HINT of a plan to “learn and GROW” from this, as I fervently believe is the ONLY way to salvage something of this season, and beyond.
We are in danger of plunging into the chasm of finger-pointing and “every man for himself”: For this team and program, NEVER has there been a more dangerous crossroads.
Either we heed the admonition,
“What does not KILL me makes me stronger”, right here, right now—the whole team, individually and as a UNIT, or we fail and fragment.
So for the moment, until I suck it up, dive back in and find out for MYSELF, I suppose I am relying on you and @Escambia94, to inform me of ANY SIGN that Mullen (and/or any “team leaders”...Do we have those, by the way? Are any stepping forward NOW, when we really NEED them???) are squarely FACING the ideas and questions I am posing now?
I am tired of our “approaching The Door but not stepping THROUGH”: Either we find a way to do so, at this point at least acknowledge and squarely face the problem of doing so, or I will have to consider getting off the train. We have the Coach and the means—or so I THOUGHT.
In fact, I was SURE. What happened Saturday, every bit of it, rocked me to my core.
This one is gonna be hard to “bounce back” from.


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By the way:
I AM aware that this is HOMECOMING WEEK...which would have obviously made this a whole different vibe—had not LAST Saturday’s game gone so pointedly into the toilet!
As it is, one peek earlier today (Monday) at the start of Mullen’s latest presser only seemed to have offered a chance for him to lay down the “upbeat, just-another-game except for all the happy students” line of bs...I quickly cut out and moved on from there in mid-first-sentence.
Been there, done that—in my OWN undergraduate days, when we weren’t within smelling distance of “Championship competition”—except possibly getting BEAT (badly) by someone who was!
Has ANYONE seen or heard any SIGN of some proper, serious and determinedly DIRECT RESPONSE to that putrid performance vs UK—and/or some PLAN to get us back on a track now in ruins thanks TO it?
“So far, so BAD!”


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...and one last thing:
I just don’t UNDERSTAND these “bummer-bolts-from-the-blue” losses that we keep experiencing under MULLEN!
I notice (on my way by—can’t HELP it!) similar exclamations in headlines now (describing these as “mysterious losses under Mullen”, and so on), so I am far from the only one who is baffled by them; Who can miss, let alone IGNORE how we suddenly and crucially fail against weaker competition at some point each season. These are seeming annual SEASON-killers that often send us into subsequent decline.
It MUST stop.
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