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Week 1 Scores and Highlights


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I am fine with the hyperbole. We all missed college football, so it is understandable to exaggerate how good these games were. If I had to rank the best games of the week I would rank it as such:

1. #2 Ohio State vs #5 Notre Dame. Two storied programs going at it in week 1? Yes, please!
2. #3 Georgia vs #11 Oregon. Two great programs meeting as top 15 teams coached by master and student!
3. NR Florida vs #7 Utah. Florida represents one of newest “blue blood” programs that had won the most games since 1990. Utah has been the most consistent program since 2004 and has done it with one head coach. These teams looked the same on paper and they played each other close. It was not the prettiest game for either team, but it was the kind of ugly that defines a team. Florida proved it could win ugly. Utah has the opportunity to bounce back from this and run the table with its Pac-12 schedule.
4. #19 Arkansas vs #23 Cincinnati. Two top-25 teams in week 1. This is the last of the intriguing games.
Understand and appreciate your take, man...
"No. 2" (UGA vs the Ducks) was a bit of a let down--but subsequent play will tell us whether that was just a reflection of the gaping gap between Pac 12 Football and that of the SEC (and against one of the current very best squads in our league too)...Oregon may turn out to be somewhat off their recent best game, by the way, while Utah may well still turn out to be the CLASS of their conference.
Personally, I'm still in the "Stay calm, let's take it one game at a time here to start this season..." as far as our Gators are concerned.
As much as Game 1 revealed, we may learn as much or MORE here in Week 2!