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Announcement TapaTalk is no more...


Staff member
I spent a lot of time making the site responsive so instead of having to go through the TapaTalk app, you can point your smartphone's browser directly at the site to get the "mobile" version.

Let me know if you guys run into any issues.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Super Moderator
Btw, Thanx rd! I quickly got rid of the auto-announcement ("This message is being created and transmitted using Tapa Talk on Sprint blah blah blah..." or some other such corporate happy-speak) that posts with every entry from a Sprint phone using their default mobile txt app (the aforementioned "Tapa Talk") when I was still with that carrier, but many don't--aren't even aware that it is happening until they see their contributions printed-in-full online, let alone that they CAN elect to turn-it-off. Intrusive and silly-looking to boot, it's just one of my complaints about that app; Glad folks have alternatives here now.


Gator Fan
While I understand the appeal of a responsive theme in this age of smartphones and tablets of varying sizes, I still feel like Tapatalk was the better way to read and comment.

It's just simpler and easier to navigate. I think getting rid of it was a mistake.