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Sunday Blog — let’s get started!

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So if I told you Florida will win nine regular season game this year, which nine would you take? If I told you that you could pick one game in the schedule this year to win, which one would it be?

Of course, it’s not that simple. But we do know this — Florida has a schedule this year that has a little bit of everything.

The first trip west of the Mississippi for a regular-season road game in 34 years. The first game ever against a team from Colorado. A three-game SEC home stretch over 15 days. The first of two straight seasons playing host to LSU (tee-hee).

It’s a difficult schedule but certainly a manageable one with only three true road games, all of them against SEC East teams.

Degree of difficulty for the 12 games? Here’s how I’d rank them:

  1. FSU: Forget the East, Florida needs to beat the Seminoles.
  2. LSU: Gators should honor Joe Alleva at halftime.
  3. Michigan (in Arlington, Texas): It will be interesting to see the crowd split.
  4. Texas A&M: The Aggies won’t quite be in collapse mode by the time this game is played.
  5. Georgia (in Jacksonville): Florida going for four in a row.
  6. At Kentucky: Could this be the year for the Wildcats?
  7. Tennessee: Don’t sleep on the Kardashians.
  8. At South Carolina: Amazingly, Will Muschamp’s second team may be a defensive disaster.
  9. Vanderbilt: Commodores are dangerous because of defense.
  10. At Missouri: Not the toughest place to play, but toughest in SEC to get to.
  11. Northern Colorado: Wait until Jim McElwain finds out these guys beat Montana last year.
  12. UAB: Only team with ni returning starters because of two-year hiatus.

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