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Monday night....Time to turn the page, move on.
Never mind the mostly relatively minor complaints with our performance in the latest game--We mostly showed progress in all the areas where we'd shown disappointing weaknesses in Game One. Not quite perfect, but encouragingly CLOSE to it, even if we WERE "only" facing an FCS team.
Now we turn to our conference schedule--and it starts against an old rival we have had a habit of beating at home. Nothing would be more satisfying and valuable for us at this point than to somehow come out and, much to the surprise of most pundits out there who've long since gathered to write us off, actually go out and take ANOTHER one from the Vols, at home in The Swamp--but they are HUNGRY, and have convinced themselves that THIS finally is their year, their TIME.
For us it'll be a tough hill to climb. However, from what we have actually SEEN from BOTH teams and programs so far, I'm not so sure we can't BEAT this Tennessee squad here. It is time to begin showing who and what this Gator team not just already IS, but all the things it can and (at this point at the very least) is on its WAY to BEING...This would be a very great time to show it, and that opportunity is now sitting there, waiting to be seized.
I want so BADLY to see us DO it; I am at the same time so uncertain IF we can or WILL.
This is either their "turning point" (as they believe it is), or OURS.

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