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K.I.S.S. (Kyle Trask for Heisman)

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by DRU2012, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    A lot of deep analysis there, even for YOU, E-.
    I think you are on to something, though, particularly in your concluding points regarding what may well set Mullens APART from the rest—even Saban, whom (as I have tried to stress in my OWN somewhat “scrambled” way) is not so much “BETTER” at what he is trying to achieve as completely DIFFERENT in attitude, approach, and ultimate “general aims”: In this way, my perhaps somewhat clumsy, to some perhaps dubious parallels to Jedi mythology I think DO present some tangible advantages in approaching and understanding the wholesale differences between them—in method, aims and ultimate results.
    But I’ve beat the HELL out of THAT one, I grant you, and will henceforth cease and disgust!
    No, it is sufficient to simply say that they are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT men and METHODS—and now, as Mullens’ Gators come into their own, begin to approach the level of talent, competence and success that Saban’s Alabama programs have enjoyed for a decade, only THIS season finally seeming on the verge of confronting each other on something approaching “equal terms” on the gridiron, we can begin to fairly judge and compare them there.
    I THINK (and HOPE) that we will be able to extend that process for an extended period of time!
  2. Leakfan12

    Leakfan12 VIP Member

    The only real competition for Trask is Mac Jones (though Harris and Smith will probably take away votes from Jones). Lawrence missed some games and Fields is only going to play six or seven games (if that).
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  3. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Still not so sure what some of the OTHER folks on “the committee” are thinking, though...
    I mean, I hate to say it, but in SOME of these cases the men doing the “considering” aren’t showing much in the way of insight, logic OR intelligence!
    I mean, even Gator alumnus and FORMER PLAYER Jesse Palmer has more and more shown himself to be something of an IDIOT AFTER ALL!
    I mean, how hard-headed do you have to be to KEEP clinging to some mythical “head-to-head evidence” that was borderline even at the TIME of your “FIRST BLUSH” evaluation, let alone all these weeks later and your CONTINUED stubborn CLINGING to that just plain WRONG CHOICE??!
    Now, I know that to SOME extent SOME folks (some A&M fans!) are sticking to this position based on (1) the “head-to-HEAD Rationale”, and
    (2) the additional “out” that is offered by their hope that “it’ll probably all be settled on-the-FIELD in the SEC Championship Game in a few weeks ANYWAY”! This way they never will have to actually FACE THIS REALITY ANYWAY, they figure: The Gators will (quietly) slip from the rankings when they lose to the Tide in a coupla weeks ANYWAY.
    By THIS set of circumstances, with a few OTHER wrinkles the Aggies get a chance to move into the FFF as a second SEC participant ANYWAY as a result!
    Not very likely (ESPECIALLY if the Gators continue to come on as they have of late, as I say)—but it’s “the forlorn hope” they are desperately holding onto now, nonetheless.
  4. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    The Heisman odds have not been updated since this weekend, but here is where the rankings are as of last week:
    1. Kyle Trask FLA +125. More than likely this will come down to a head-to-head showdown against Mac Jones.
    2. Justin Fields OHIOST +175. His 3-INT performance last week and the COVID bye week will probably cause his stock to drop. He also lacks any ranked opponents on his schedule, and he might not have a conference championship game for body of evidence.
    3. Mac Jones BAMA +250. More than likely his odds will go up with his performance against Auburn.
    4. Trevor Lawrence CLEM +900. More than likely he is out of this race unless he lights up the scoreboards against Virginia Tech and Notre Dame.
    My guess is that Jones and Trask will be #1 and #2 on different watch lists, but the odds will be rather close. Trask is in the top 10 in multiple categories for the season, which supports his case for the Heisman over Mac Jones.
    • # 3 yards per game
      1. Dillon Gabriel UCF 372.6 YD
      2. Myles Brennan LSU 370.7 YD
      3. Kyle Trask FLA 351.3 YD
      4. Matt Corral MISS 343.0
      5. Mac Jones BAMA 341.0
    • #5 passer rating
      1. Kaleb Eleby WMICH 4 G 212.6
      2. Mac Jones BAMA 8 G 208.0
      3. Zach Wilson BYU 9 G 203.5
      4. Justin Fields OHIOST 4 G 202.1
      5. Kyle Trask FLA 8 G 196.8
    • #1 TD
      1. Kyle Trask FLA 34 TD
      2. Dillon Gabriel UCF 30 TD
      3. Zach Wilson BYU 25 TD
      4. Matt Corral MISS 24 TD
      5. Sam Howell UNC 24 TD
      6. Brady White MEM 24 TD
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  5. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Yes: Fair or not, the HEISMAN and the SEC Championship have by now likely been pared down to pretty well the scoreboard outcome of the GAME.
    I truly believe that Trask’s “Body of Evidence” for the whole SEASON should have already pretty well garnered him the inside track: Keep playing at this level and in most years he would win it even if Bama were to crush our inconsistent defense...But as things stand here in the real world, I think (barring some very odd things occurring between here and the final gun in the SEC Championship Game) the odds say that “the QB of the winning TEAM” IN that game will be the Heisman winner!
    Now, I still haven’t seen enough to feel particularly CONFIDENT in that game’s outcome, BUT:
    After seeing Mullens’ charges put it all together, this Gator TEAM’S (all 3 squads: Offense, Defense and Special Teams) play from Coach’s late-2nd-qrtr tirade ON (not coincidentally) through most of the 2nd half, well, if THAT really IS what we are headed towards, should that indeed be the TEAM we ARE and can count on BEING by the time we meet the Tide in Atlanta, then WE’VE GOT A GAME ON, boys! And we’ll just have to see who comes out on top...

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