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Gettin’ Close


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Well, here it all comes once again. Lotsa big news—but is any of it bigger than “Look who’s COMIN’!!!” ?!!
Texas and Oklahoma heading to the SEC...I can tell you that is HUGE news here in Austin, where I live now.
And it’s even bigger for me, of course...Been years since I’ve seen us live, and if I can just be blessed with a few more years here on Earth, I SHOULD get a chance to see them HERE!
Now, as to 2021 and our team and program at present, of course we are somewhat overlooked—hell, if it weren’t for us playing Bama in the Swamp in September we wouldn’t be mentioned at ALL, I fear.
I just watched “College Football Live” for the first time since last January, and the only mention we got there was as an assumed loss against The Tide in a discussion as to whether Saban’s squad would indeed go undefeated this season.
That was the point I switched over to Finebaum, by the way; and that’s another show I’ve watched less and less the past more-than-six-months, by the way.
Gotta say, though, even I don’t have much of a handle on what to expect from our reptiles this year...
How good IS Emory Jones, and/or IS HE READY? Is our running game finally ready to “reassert”? And is the O-line finally starting to come into proper shape?
What about that Grantham defense? I truly thought Coach Dan was gonna sack him, move on after last season; Big NON-move sticking with him...we’re sure hoping, COUNTING on the idea that he sees more in our prospective onfield talent now, AND Grantham’s innate knowledge and experience as a coach, than we showed LAST season.
All in all, these are just the general “UBER-questions” hanging above the many details that spur so many more—all the observations and game-experience of the last few years that frankly leaves us, well, “worried”, at best.
We have a chance to surprise everyone early, perhaps to exceed expectations—even to be “great” after all...yet at the same time at least myself, I can’t help but bear the parallel concern that there are just so many “unknowns”, so many uncertainties—TOO many of either to be confident.
Talk about “wait’n’see”!
This is one season where, while I’m as excited as ever to get things going, I’ve got less a handle on “what we’ve got here” and/or what’s ahead, as far as potential for success.
What do y’all think? So far, I’m not sensing much in the way of “Die hard Gator Pride” out there as the actual season approaches; seems maybe a lot of y’all have similar concern.
Well, now another show about Bama and Saban is on the SEC Network after Finebaum—and I DON’T need that!
All we can do IS “Wait and see!”...So “GO GATORS” and be talking to ya in a few weeks and the actual games bring “put up or shut up” time.
One thing is certain:
We’ll know a whole lot more about “what we got” and “where we’re going” by the end of September!!!
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