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Florida Gators Baseball 2023: SEC Champions!


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Was flying high in the first inning of Game 3--but crashed HARD shortly thereafter...and it doesn't look to be heralding a big late comeback.
Oh well. Some more big arms might be a consideration for the future. Then again, we ARE a "FOOTBALL school", after all: Picked up another speedster at WR after the weekend, so that's a good thing anyway.
Far as all THAT goes, looks like NAPIER'S charges ought to begin rounding into proper form just as the playoff expands to its 12-Team format in 2024.
Hang on, and hang in there Gators!


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A lot being made (even right after it happened, but having built into a large backlash by postgane) of that controversial call on the Gator runner at 1st base in the top of the first inning; it probably DID kill early Gator momentum, perhaps to the point of having swung things totally the other way--but we had plenty of time left (practically the whole damn GAME!) to swing it back, for God's sake, so unless they somehow managed to swing it all the way BACK in the last inning and a half (I finally gave up on watching in frustrated disappointment in the bottom of the seventh), I just don't buy it.
All that fire power y'all displayed seemingly so effortlessly the night before, all those times you came back late during the tournament run--it just all seemed like a big waste now.
Sorry--but at this point you must feel like you let YOURSELVES down here at the end, no?
Make no mistake: I give this team and it's coaches props for showing up and showing off down the stretch here this season, but this was one time ya REALLY needed to FULLY FINISH if you wanted to step fully into the SPOTLIGHT here, even for a moment.
The pipe whistle plays the long sliding downward note, and now y'all have to start all over again NEXT year basically from the very bottom again.

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