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"By-Week"(="Bye-bye Week"?)


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Cheap shot? Maybe.
I mean, prob NOT the worst time for us to find ourselves with a "step back and take-a-deep-BREATH" day...provided I stay away from any "prob our best performance of the season" cracks!
Meanwhile, I REALLY don't care to hear about how weak our team and program are now; I see the evidence clearly with my own eyes each week we play.
At the same time, we ALL see how different schools rise a certain ways, challenge annually for Championships, at the very least Playoff inclusion for a few seasons, then fade. In the modern era so far only Alabama STAYS at or near the top.
My assumption, our HOPE, is that Billy Napier came here with the explicit vision and plan to fully build towards just that kind of success here at UF. He hired the staff with whom he now fully intends to assemble the players whose talent, attitude and style-of-play, once solidly installed, will take us there.
We must ALSO assume that this was his explicit plan when he took the job--and that he was assured at LEAST four, preferably FIVE seasons in which to accomplish it.
Whether he'll be GIVEN that, as promised, in the face of the kind of blind and shallow over-reaction that will begin to build in the face of 2 or 3 years of the kind of bumbling failure and coddled let downs by the long-spoiled, entitled "ME-FIRSTERS" that have come to dominate our roster is another story.
NOW we are seeing what the callow, ill-prepared Mus-Mac set as standards here...and in turn what the arrogant and foolish Mullen-regime has wrought.
Billy has a big job ahead--one that not only has just started, but whose largest challenge is still in front of him.

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