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As We Turn To CONFERENCE Play...


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We'll be turning more FULLY to all this in coming days of course, but right up top this weekend turn frankly, OPENLY to the things we mostly seemed to finally get "turned in the right direction" here at UF. Now come the tougher in-conference games we've all been secretly anticipating since AUGUST (if not SOONER).
We shouldn't, but we DO, let's be honest.
So. We have GOT to somehow put things together for THIS one...gotta get it DONE.
Three main areas still to be further properly addressed--one still to show a focused "fix", two others partially improved but still clearly with^ work to be done:
First the latter two with "work to be done"...those would be penalties, confusion in game-management. We are STILL beating OURSELVES--with penalties and/or time mismanagement at crucial points in the gameflow. Those are the result of concentration errors by players and⁸ COACHES. They MUST stop.
That leaves the continued glaring breakdowns on Special Teams. CAN'T IMAGINE Billy not SEEING this one, let alone ignoring, not DOING something about it. Are we just devoid of TALENT at too many positions? And if THAT is the case, how and WHY has this not just developed but GONE ON THIS LONG??!
We have heard that about, around and FROM our Coach since he got here...It has GOT to be applied right here and NOW.

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