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Projected Roster 2024


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
This roster will definitely change a bit even though the transfer portal window is closed. Graduate transfers can announce intent to transfer at any time. If a coach is fired, the players can enter at any time. Some players will wait until bowl games are over on Monday, and some may sit tight until spring camp before making decisions during the April 16-30 transfer window. The darker green indicates veteran experience as a starter, while the lighter gray-green indicates that the player is active. Note that some of our best players in terms of grade in column 7 are Napier's recruits from high school or the transfer portal.
Screenshot from 2024-01-07 11-22-35.png


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
As move-in weekend wraps up we have a better idea of who is returning.

- QB Jack Miller III is not returning
- 14 of the 19 class of 2024 recruits reported in and will be eligible for spring camp


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Here is an update on the 2024 roster after spring camp and all the transfer portal windows. This chart lists the starters and backups, but not the reserves. The players are listed from highest ranked to lowest.

The major differences since January:
- 247 and On3 adjusted their rating scales, which boosted the talent assessments.
- The 2024 roster has much better balance than 2023.
- Napier has a healthy mix of high school and transfer recruits.
Screenshot from 2024-07-06 09-35-50.png


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Super Moderator
Wasn't sure where to drop this comment--or even whether I should predictsble bother "dropping it at ALL, ANYWHERE...
It all seemed so sadly predictable--I meN, THIS is why we only offered a "preferred walk-on", non-scholarship spot on the roster (and why he took it-- he was running out of "decent opportunities).
I smiled referring to Cormani, of course--and it's looking like he won't be able to manage enough basic commitment andcresponsibility (to himself OR his teammates) to man a general even that.
All the things that Primetime complained about while he had him over at Colorado seem to have continued here at Florida. What more is there to say beyond the obvious already spewed forth elsewhere and/or that any of us who WEREN'T blessed with that kind of natural athletic talent can only watch and SHAKE OUR HEADS at the utter mindless WASTE of Nother young person crumbling up and throwing away their "lucky break" FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME"??!
At acetaminophen point, there's nothing more to be learned there...It is all simply JUST "a waste"--a depressing, uninspiring one at THAT.
Best to let it go now, I think, whatever happens.
Either he smarten up PRONTO, or you let him go off to Alabama State or whatever "10th Chance" program Former-5-Star Recruits end up going to (in most such situations, though there ARE exceptions) hardly ever to be heard or seen again.
There. I honestly hope I am wrong, but odds are unfortunately high that THAT will be my last effort in following the career of "FORMER-Gator Cormani McClane (sp?)".

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