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Florida wraps up regular session with back-to-back wins, final game Florida 79, LSU 67 (16-15, 9-9)


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A "football guy" at a "football school", I'm neither especially knowledgeable nor emotional when it comes to our current B-ball team or program:
The way things have gone, specifically this season since our star player broke his hand, and generally since our early-milennium glory days of playing for Championships in BOTH sports, I admit to having eventually caught a certain level of roundball pride there for a bit--one which quickly faded once we blew the whole coaching plan and process it seems in BOTH sports...
So that by now my overall impression of our basketball status and "growth" can only be described as "aimless", at best. We have failed both to "build" AND "develop"--in BOTH sports, it would seem, but said "failure" was a different process in either sport.
I'm far from anything like "knowledgeable" at this point, but it just seems to me that while we may have FINALLY begun properly getting things straightebed out on the all-important FOOTBALL side of things, hope won't return in Basketball until we make some kind of dramatic change there as well, a commitment to an exciting "New Direction" somehow--Something that catches widespread attention in AND OUTSIDE Florida and/or the SEC.
Correct me if I'm wrong, missing something obvious here, but I DON'T get the impression something like it is on any "near horizon"--so at least for now, sadly, we will I think continue to underachieve BIGTIME over on that side of things...another "formerly high-profile", once again "low-achievement in every way" performance in "football's offseaaon".

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