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Florida Gators Men's Basketball 2023-2024


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The Gators are 10-3 in non-conference games, 5-3 in conference games. They have only 1 quadrant 1 victory.


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The Gators have won 3 of their last 4 and are currently 17-7 (7-4). At this point last year the Gators were 13-11 (6-5). The Gators finished 16-16 (9-9) last year, so they have surpassed last year's win total with 7 more games to go.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Gators finished the 2023-24 home season with an emphatic victory over #14 Alabama. This has been the first season with more than 20 wins since 2017-18 (when Chiozza was a senior, and Billy Donovan's last recruiting class graduated). This was the first season with 11 SEC wins since 2019-20. If Florida can beat Vanderbilt on Saturday, it will be the Gators’ first 12-win conference season since 2016-17 when they won 14.

The Gators posted the fewest home losses with a full slate of home games since 2013-14. This was the highest scoring team since 2006-07, which was about 6 PPG behind this team, our best rebounding team since the 2002-03 season by a very comfortable margin, and our best assist/turnover ratio since 2012-13.

The only teams to hold a 2nd half lead on the Gators in the O-Dome this year were Kentucky and Merrimack.

Todd Golden has turned the program around. Once he figures out zone defense he will have this program atop the SEC once again.


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Last second let down. Close--but no cigar.
They might get to the Sweet 16, but then they'll likely fade, as usual.
Baseball will likely, eventually go a bit better...
But the penultimate "bottomline" will almost certainly once again be, "Nice little run, boyz...Now: Let's turn to Spring Camp, finish up on a solid up and see if we can't hit Summer and Fall on somewhat of a deserving highnote..."


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
March 15, 2024
(6) Florida 102, (3) #19 Alabama 88

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Walter Clayton Jr. scored 23 points and sixth-seeded Florida routed No. 19 Alabama 102-88 Friday night in the quarterfinals of the Southeastern Conference Tournament.

With losses by regular season champ Tennessee and No. 2 seed Kentucky earlier Friday, this marked the first time the SEC’s top three seeds all lost their tournament openers since 1983. That tournament was played in Birmingham, Alabama, and Georgia won the title and wound up reaching the Final Four.

The Florida Gators advance to the SEC Tourney semifinals to play the 7-seed Texas A&M March 16th, soon after the preceding SEC game starting at 1 PM ET.



Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
March 16, 2024
Florida 95, Texas A&M 90

Florida erases 18-point deficit to advance to SEC final​

For the first time in 10 years the Gators will play for the tournament championship. (6-seed) Florida will take on (4-seed) Auburn on St. Patrick’s Day for the right to call themselves SEC champions at 1 PM. Gators defeated Auburn 81-65 in Gainesville the last time they played.

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