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who's your favorite gator of all time?

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by GainesvillebornNraised, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. i think i gotta go with percy

    he was just so fun to watch, made so many big plays(even as a freshmen)
  2. JvilleJohnny

    JvilleJohnny Senior Member

    Tim Tebow is #1 in my book. but a close second to me, even though I was too young to watch him as a gator, Emmitt Smith #2.
  3. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    Check my avatar--Emmitt Smith. I went to his high school, knew his youngest brother, and went to his college. Kerwin Bell is probably #2, because he was the first Gator QB that I followed as a kid (I even watched him play World League of American Football). Tim Tebow is #3, because he helped me turn my kids into Gator fanatics. Danny Wuerffel is #4, because he beat my high school 49-3 in a year that we were nationally ranked and his father was the chaplain on the Air Force base. Percy is #5, because he is awesome.
  4. ShortBus

    ShortBus VIP Member

    freddy taylor.. I loved watching him run with the football.
  5. Giantgator

    Giantgator Gator Fan

    I had the most fun watching Percy....although I don't like the NFL nearly as much as college, I make sure I watch the Vikings play. Harvin is just awesome in my book.
  6. GoGators01

    GoGators01 Gator Fan

    ill say percy harvin with tebow a close second. as you can tell im a younger gators fan haha.

    KYGATOR Gator Fan

    Tebow Emmit Percy and the eraser Reggie Nelson!
  8. +1

    He was a lot of fun to watch. Brandon Spikes has had a lot of memorable moments as well.
  9. CaliZona_Gator

    CaliZona_Gator Super Senior Member

    Danny Wuerffel... I wore #7 for seven years of youth football because of him.
  10. heres some my honorable mentions

    fred taylor and the whole 96 WR core(ike, reidel, jaquez)
    travis mcgriff
    jabar gaffney
    taylor jacobs
    chad jackson

    feel free to post more then one
  11. Escambia94

    Escambia94 Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) Moderator

    The 1984 Gators: Kerwin Bell, Ricky Nattiel, John L. Williams, Neal Anderson, et al. Despite having the SEC title stripped, they were the first team to show us greatness since I started watching them. I can remember stories from my family of how much they sucked in the 70s and early 80s.
  12. he's the pride and joy or archer/newberry well and mike

    they had his signed jersy in my elementary school(archer) might still be there today

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