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Where the games are generally won

Mike Hicks

Gator Fan
are at the line scrimmage. Let’s look at our DLine for a moment. Coach David Turner is happy with the group he inherited but is seeking consistency from them. Three starters return from last season, Zuniga, Shuler and Campbell. I’ve read that grad transfer Jonathon Greenard may move inside and if so fight for a starting position. Backing up this group are Slaton, Conliffe and Ancrum. All of whom have experience and talent. There is little doubt the DLine will be good. The question is how good. Turner is a details and fundamentals kind of coach and will make sure the linemen are well schooled.

The OLine is a completely different story. There we have talent but this group has limited experience or rather game reps. We will likely start a redshirt senior, three redshirt juniors and a redshirt freshman. Nick Buchanan is the only true starter returning. Brett Heggie is only other linemen with more than one start. He had seven starts. Texas transfer Jean Delance and Noah Banks should start along with Chris Bleich.. Aside from from TJ Moore the backups are mostly all freshmen. Last year Coach John Hevesy inherited an experienced but relatively ineffective group which by the end of the season a formidable and effective position group. I expect much growth will come from his teaching this year.

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