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Where’s the ‘Controversy’ ?!!”

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by DRU2012, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    They must have spent HALF of “SEC Now” Wed morn arguing—not just arguing, but actually “PUSSY FOOTIN’ AROUND” the issue—of not just whether A&M can give UGA a game this Sat but whether they’re in danger of embarrassing themselves in EVEN STEPPING OUT THERE against them come the event...and my question is,”Are you kidding ME?!!”
    I mean, is this some kind of prehype bs, or what?
    When do such questions even come UP in major college football?
    How bout we let THOSE questions be answered ON THE FIELD?
    Having these “FACES” blurbling along loudly on this and more is just more of the same ol’ crap that is driving me NUTS ABOUT sports commentary now IN GENERAL...
    Whether on these programs or on our sites (which are naturally gonna mirror/echo the broadcasts anyway), the tone and focus is going to naturally follow similar concerns—but the extreme “Follow the Leader!” nature of these realities is gonna drive the whole process, pedal-to-the-metal RIGHT-INTO-THE-GROUND—is DOING SO, as we SPEAK, imho.
    Where do we begin to CHOP ‘em DOWN?!!
    How do we begin to do so—actually begin to consciously cut down on the net-effect of commentators on the moment-to-moment focus of their shows—ie. The eventual “self-fulfilling prophecy” that a lot of us find offensive?
    A lot of us are tiring of the fast “piranhas in the water”-effect that currently determines, even PREdetermines the public discourse in this regard.
    I’m looking for a little less RE-act, a little more PRE-thought and consideration of one’s thoughts and how we ALL approach whatever subject is at hand, and whatever we are addressing, AND on public shows another potential candidate is being asked to comment on...Irregardless, btw, of whether he was or SHOULD have been addressed in that fashion on that subject in the FIRST PLACE.
    This becomes particularly absurd as seasons wind down and Coaches who have done NOTHING BUT do their jobs and do them well are bombarded by questions about their own positions and performances and whether they are likely to be asked back, along with news of other coaches invited “to come down and lake a look around”, and so on.
    At what point does a Coach put in that position draw up his own dignity and “sense of right’n’fairness” and (depending on the situation) defend at least the fairness of putting he and/or that other Coach’s livelihood in jeopardy or in choosing there and then to begin debating its possible “last days”, for whatever reasons?
    There’s a time and place for things...
    ...and similarly, a time and place for the other side, too: “To everything a season” another of those “cliches that’s a cliche for GOOD REASON”!
    I suppose, once more, I am arguing for a more reasonable approach to how we deal with changes-/endings, beginnings—-and even when (and especially AFTER) a particularly rocky chapter of a program’s history has required a certain degree of foundering and rough water, all the MORE reason a tome of CALM WATERS may well be in order.
    It may well be EXACTLY the right time to step back, find reason for commonality rather than further, deeper conflict. Especially “here at home”.
    How does any of this apply at UF and our Gator Football Team?
    Well, I believe we are about to come up “a bit short” of our “ultimate goals” here, and the path to the top is about to be argued, even challenged—and I am among those who believe that Dan Mullen MUST be given a free hand to get there HIS WAY—but there will be those here who won’t necessarily like it;
    I DO NOT care to begin that discussion here and now, so I will say only one name: Filipe Franks.
    NOTHING, short of him having fully metamorphosed into the total Type-A QB that we will need, and NOW, gives him any kind of “inside track” to starting next year; same for Kyle Trask, were he to be cleared to stay.
    Now, Kyle has at the VERY LEAST EARNED HIMSELF A SERIOUS LOOK at QB with more than one Pro team in any event, no matter what...and whatever else may be in Filipe Franks’ future, he has MLB contract in hand which after the injury(s) may be growing larger in actractiveness by-the-DAY. But there are questions out there, and there’re bound to be supporters and adherents that COULD make this an acrimonious debate—but one that affects us AS A TEAM ONLY TO THE DEGREE THAT IT AFFECTS THE PRIVATE-vs-PUBLIC WAYS in which that debate surfaces “out here”...
    Hence, again: This is why I make so strongly my point about Dan Mullen being allowed to deal with and address these questions privately, quietly, and exactly in the way that he sees fit.
    The more he has to start explaining himself “out there” on such subjects, what he’s thinking and why, the worse it is for US, in the long run.
    I KNOW we THOUGHT, STILL think we’ve have a chance to discuss this openly among among ourselves, I’m less and less sure that THAT is the case out here, but regardless, I am less and less sure that that is necessarilly going to HAPPEN: I am NOT AT ALL SURE THAT RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW IS NOT WHEN WE WILL GET THAT CHANCE.

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