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Week 1 AP Poll


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
The Florida Gators made their largest jump in poll history by going from unranked to #12!

1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Ohio State
4. Michigan
5. Clemson
6. Texas A&M
7. Oklahoma
8. Notre Dame
9. Baylor
10. USC
11. Oklahoma State
12. Florida
13. Utah
14. Michigan State
15. Miami
16. Arkansas
17. Pitt
18. NC State
19. Wisconsin
20. Kentucky


Super Moderator
Staff member
Super Moderator
Not that high in the OTHER one...but either way, we're "in the discussion" now, just as I thought we would be once the gun went off closing play in Game 1 Saturday night.
That's really all that matters at this point, imho....much more important going forward from here is for us to continue to grow, gather momentum.and win the games we SHOULD in coming weeks.
That of course starts with the coming week's game, Week 2 in The Swamp against UK--No. 20 in the same AP Poll.
Having watched BOTH teams' openers, I honestly believe we ARE already the more talented team. Naturally, we'll take ANY kind of WIN here.
However, at home with our crowd AND our staff AND a week to tighten things up, eliminate at least a portion of our errors, Anthony Richardson PLUS Billy & Co. the week to prepare a suitable game plan, I'd like to THINK all that would be sufficient to see us at least somewhat pull away in the 4th quarter this time. We'll see.
Eventuly we'll once again be the kind of team that blows AWAY such "sometime rivals" who currently have the knack and habit of challenging us (that goes similarly for folks like Tennessee and the rest of this era's "mid-pack SEC" programs)...We aren't quite "there" yet, where only those at the very top (in our league, for now, that's clearly just Bama and the Dogs) will be our main competitors--but I hope to see us moving "into that neighborhood" SOON, even finding a solid place there as early as NEXT year!
But admittedly there is still much work to be done. It will however be one crazy fun (if rough and eventful) trip!