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We don't need a stud rb


Gator Fan
I think the championship game gave us a perfect look at how the offense will be run next season. In the Urban Meyer spread offense, we don't need a CJ Spiller type running back. Our offense is tailored to get the best player the ball. We dominated by spreading it out. How many rushes did Wynn have before the last series? Maybe like 5-7 ?

We don't have a pound it 25 times on the ground type of offense.


VIP Member
We averaged 34 rushing attempts per game, but it's hard to say how many of those came from running backs, and how many came from receivers and tebow. I think the Urban Meyer offense does call for a lot of rushing plays, they just don't always come from the running back position.

Wynn never had that break away speed. He was more of a pounder and grind it out for 3 yards type of running back. Wynn only averaged 10.3 rushes per game.

I really don't think we'll see a 25 rush/game player on our team.

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