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We’ve Already LOST the By-Week


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@Escambia94, @Leakfan12,

That started OUT as the predictable joke-headline... only the more I thought about it, the more it sunk in that it was also functionally, literally TRUE:
In a way, these two weeks AFTER the LSU loss and BEFORE The Cocktail Party could have been a real opportunity—a chance to turn the page on the 2021 Season and in a fundamental way BEGIN 2022.
I could go into a long and detailed examination suggesting all the ways that might have been exploited, but since it hasn’t happened, what’s the point? Anyway, use your imagination...
Point is, the most worrisome thing about it NOT happening is the very silence of inaction would seem to indicate a certain indecision. I don’t know if that is indeed the case behind-the-scenes, but just the IMPRESSION that that is what has set in, rather than any kind of enthusiasm for any kind of IMMEDIATE CHANGE, within or without, is its OWN kind of problem: an epidemic of “creeping failure”?
At the very LEAST, it might have been a good time to can Grantham. There’s little left to play for beyond SOME crappy bowl game that affords us that extra 4-to-6 weeks of practice post-season—we should be capable of pulling at least the minimal 3 wins that’ll afford us qualifying for that, even amidst the complete “reorganize and retool” the installation of a new defensive scheme (not to mention a likely gruelingly savage return to “technique and toughness school” administered BY the new Defensive Coordinator) is sure to bring.
The perfect time, and a great WAY to hang a “THE END” sign on what HAS BEEN, put it behind us and hopefully at least BEGIN to see the fruits of “what-is-to-COME” in Jacksonville...
But not to BE, obviously.
Hey—what do I know?
I’m not a Coach, not THE Coach! Dan Mullen has (as they say) FORGOTTEN more than I know about coaching young men at the major college football level!
But that doesn’t mean I’m WRONG here, not about this...
He damn well BETTER have a Plan, regardless.
And I suppose that’s my main concern: That this ISN’T the sign of “something brewing behind-the-scenes” at Gator-Central, but rather the frozen uncertainty that breeds inaction.
And by the time we’ll know THAT, this “opportunity” will have been lost, as the NOT-so-funny headline above states, simply and clearly.