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USFL Draft 2022/2023: Any Chance to convince Emory Jones to join the USFL?


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Just wondering, just as long he's not playing not the Bandits.
LOL...Well, at least I think we can be FAIRLY certain they won’t have SS coaching them this time!
But seriously: It’s hard to say WHAT Emory’s intentions OR “remaining opportunities” are at this point. Either HE’S not sure himself, or he’s playing his cards extremely close to his vest at present.
One analyst will tell you he’s just gonna “grad and go”, another will say he’s “still the dark horse candidate” to end up back behind center under Napier & Co. in 2022.
One thing that tends to further cloud the issue is the simple truth that Coach Billy himself has a passel of QBs onboard here already (with or WITHOUT young Manning) that he intends to “get a good and full look at this Spring”—and at this point it is claimed (in typical “new Head Coach” fashion) that “all are starting equal at the outset here”.
It’ll be “interesting”—that much IS clear. I suppose most, like me, are hoping AR stays healthy and SEIZES the moment. We haven’t HAD a whole lotta luck at the QB position since the LAST #15 graduated—and this one is now catching Heisman-attention himself! First let him stake out that starting job under the new regime.


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I doubt Emory Jones enters the draft that is going on today and tomorrow. Here is the draft order:
The eight teams in the league will draft in this order:

1. Michigan Panthers (Jeff Fisher)
2. Tampa Bay Bandits (Mike Riley)
3. Philadelphia Stars (Kirby Wilson)
4. New Jersey Generals (Skip Holtz)
5. Houston Gamblers (Kevin Sumlin)
6. Birmingham Stallions (Todd Haley)
7. Pittsburgh Maulers (Larry Fedora)
8. New Orleans Breakers (Bart Andrus)

Here is how the rounds will be broken down:

Day 1
Round 1: Quarterbacks
Rounds 2-4: Edge rushers/defensive ends
Rounds 5-7: Offensive tackles
Round 8-11: Cornerbacks
Round 12: Quarterbacks (again)

Day 2
Rounds 13-17: Wide receivers
Rounds 18-19: Safeties
Round 20: Centers
Round 21: Inside linebackers
Rounds 22-23: Offensive guards
Rounds 24-26: Defensive tackles and nose tackles
Rounds 27-28: Running backs and fullbacks
Rounds 29-31: Outside linebackers
Round 32: Kickers
Round 33: Punters
Round 34: Tight ends/Halfbacks
Round 35: Long snappers

There will be 280 players total that will be selected during the inaugural draft. In total, the draft will fill 35 of each team's 38 available roster spots, so once the draft conclude, teams will have three roster spots to fill, in addition to seven practice squad players. Note that originally the plan was to also have an open draft round for any position. Not much information is available on the potential players. The only rule is that the player must have graduated high school in 2020 or earlier. Salaries are expected to be about $45k for the season not including $600 per week of preseason. Practice squad members will make $15k per season. "Victory bonuses" could be $850 per player.

The USFL draft and the games will be available on select Fox and NBC outlets.
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