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Traditional Home Unis for Big Game 3


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...Not sure it will make much difference to the actual ultimate outcome, but nonetheless I am glad: We’ll LOOK good and KNOW it, and the college football world WILL be watching. No matter what, they are our team, and we are proud of them—“win or lose”.
That’s what I tell myself, anyway.
I sense by the very absence of comment here (the “deafening silence”, so to speak), that there is a palpably painful, fearful trepidation that has settled in among our fans.
And it isn’t just here at GE:
It manifests in various guises all over the media...a sort of “if you can’t say anything positive, say NOTHING” trend this time.
I can’t really blame anyone for this feeling and attitude, either. At this point even I would mostly characterize MY approach in these last hours as “hoping we acquit ourselves with pride and poise and somehow hold our own”.
But our Coaches likely WON’T have our TEAM in that mode!
In our classic Home-colors we WILL look good, at the very least. That counts—at the very least is the “first step” towards “stepping forward and stepping up”: FEELING good and confident AS A TEAM.
There will be ups and downs, definite phases to this one, I think. Let’s at the very least hope that we are able to sustain OUR side of just such a projected “back and forth” throughout—right into the 4th quarter!
Sure: Right about now I’d find a certain hope and relief in just “holding our OWN” in such a contest—and downright overjoyed to learn I had underestimated Coach, team and outlook coming into this one.
I am neither happy nor proud to take such a position on the eve of such a pivotal game, but our current apparent relative weakness, and hence our likely fate here, seems to me so strongly established going into this one that what I say is simply the honest, heartfelt truth as I see it here and now. I can wish otherwise, but in the end can only say what I believe.

(PS...A day or two later...
Still waiting for someone to say SOMETHING—ALL WEEK here! Yeah yeah...
NO ONE gives us a chance, even to “cover” for this one;
I’m AMONG the pessimists.
Starting to feel the first stirrings of shame...yes, it’s all “logical” and “realistic”, but where’s “the FUN”? What has happened to the fans’ faithful last chance longshot “forelorn hope”??!
I don’t know that I can find anything like it now myself, but if I haven’t by game time, or been given reason to at least BEGIN to do so in the early going, I may have little choice but to bury myself for the bulk of this one...For the first time in years, I may have to hit some quiet spot alone: Since it’s not til night, get away from home—not even try to “dull the pain” but rather accept it in advance, for the moment assume certain “coming realities”, and begin the “post mortems”—the likely lessons, repercussions and coming necessities that will result.
But GODS! I’d so prefer to be able to FOREGO all that!
That dire hope alone might have me watching at kickoff, anyway: We don’t have to win, just acquit ourselves with courage and pride to face the future, heads held high.
Does ANYONE believe we’ll manage that much?


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I’m getting feedback from Campus that this ISN’T the way they see it in Gainesville.
They are widely and enthusiastically pretty damn excited and certain that their Gators “have a good shot at BEATING BAMA!!!”
Looks like it’ll be a raucous full house at kickoff this afternoon in The Swamp!
Guess WE oughtta be there for that reason alone, right?
“See ya” THERE, right boys?
I don’t know for how long, or whether this team can mount and sustain the level of play that will be required throughout, but I think we owe them AND that crowd our full support and attention going IN, doncha y’all agree??!
Can’t say my “gut feeling” has markedly changed, but never mind: We are ALL “still Gators”, when all is said and done...and today we face “The invincible, Saban-led Alabama Crimson Tide, EVERYBODY’S Number One, in The Swamp.”
You’re damn RIGHT we’ll be watching, come kickoff.

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