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tough matchups for the 2011 schedule...


Gator Fan
whats the toughest matchup for next seasons schedule?? auburn-prob not, cus newton is out, alabama-always a possibillity. fsu-please...but what about the georgia bulldogs?? either way i see this seasons coming down to about 3 or so must wins to get back the that title game..


I am just glad the first 4 games are a little easier and hopefully will give some time for the new coaches to gel with the players. After that, I will let you know once I get some feedback from the first 4, lol. :)


Article Writer
After watching snippets of the 'Bama-PSU game, I would say Bama would be the biggest challenge. The Tide's defensive personnel are fast enough to close in on Rainey/Demps...FSU would be next in my book, I guess we'll find out what FSU is made of this weekend....


Super Moderator
Staff member
Super Moderator
Oh, it has GOT to be the Tide, at THIS point, don't ya think? I'm thinking in terms of just OUR season now, and how it sets up. Of course if there ever was a schedule and a team that just HAS to "take it one game at a time" it's this one; that's our Head Coach's natural way of approaching things anyway, it seems, he's got the team thinking and planning that way (his "gimmick" is NO gimmicks--another change from the Meyer era, whose general success in such games can't be denied, but whose magic had begun to falter in both that and the Swamp "mystique...it was time for a change, and this is another one), and it might just be the right fit with the task at hand.
FSU comes later: a lot can and no doubt WILL happen between now and Thanksgiving, along with revealing more about themselves, either team could be better or worse in very real terms by then, thanks to experience and/or injuries. We'll worry about THAT game when we get to it. As Coach said in various ways and various times including today, "The most important game is the NEXT one...", and this time, that is literally true. Seldom has "coachspeak" been more welcome a mantra.