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This Gator B-ball Squad SUCKS


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Super Moderator
First game isn't even over, but they've blown a big lead and I've switched away with minutes left on the clock... They might still pull it out, but it matters little: They won't go much further regardless--and they'll continue to be painful to watch.
In short, it's time to fire this Coach and start over. I will NOT be wasting another second of time, hope or energy on this mess of a roundball program.
I am a diehard Gator--but thanks to years of this crap, I am back to being a "Diehard Gator FOOTBALL Fan", like at least 75% of the REST of Gator Nation. And that's in MARCH--Rest of the year it is more like 90%.
Who can stomach a basketball team THAT CANNOT SHOOT??!
OH, they'll prob win this one now, pull away after all--and OF COURSE I'll watch, even HOPE: But that's exactly why I'm sick of them, absolutely HATE this kind of (non-)"team".
And this Coach White is a blathering idiot who couldn't beat a squad of midgets with the Duke line-up.


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
This team will not get much further into the tournament, but the players who return will have great experience for next year.

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