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The supposition

Mike Hicks

Gator Fan
My supposition is that changes are coming to our offense IMHO after listening to our O&B game I am of a mind to think that the dependence we’ve had on our running game may lessen this coming season. I believe Coach Mullen will play to our strengths which are the quality and depth of our QB’s and receivers. We no longer have an offensive line of experienced seniors but rather one of inexperience and youth. While talented these linemen are in need of some seasoning before we can consider them a strength. As a result I believe that instead of an even mix of runs and passes, we will be throwing the ball more often than running it. Our running game will still have importance but until our line is able to consistently open holes for our backs I think our QB’s will scramble more. Should I be pleasantly surprised and our run blocking is good then I’d be happy with an even mix. When SOS first coached at Duke he was faced with a similar situation. In effect he said learning to pass block is easier than learning to be a good run blocker. So Duke opened up their offense and threw the ball all over the park. Everyone was shocked to see him take Duke to the ACC championship. Also, I don’t see our QB’s holding onto the ball very long. Quick passes will be common place.

Mike Hicks

Gator Fan
Am I misreading the number of views at 331 this thread has received in eleven hours? It seems disproportionate to the views on the other threads?

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