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The Sunday Blog — Almost there

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Make no mistake about it, the NFL is the king.

It is the reason a lot of young men put on pads in the first place. It has cornered the market on being a year-round sport. It is the ultimate testing ground for coaches and the dominant sport in a country where sports are revered.

But as we approach the start of another college football season (don’t look now but we’re inside a week until the first games), we also know this — college football is more fun.

College football teams don’t change cities for better stadium deals. College football has live mascots, marching bands for every team and iconic fight songs. College football has the best overtime, the best traditions and the best opening weekend.

It doesn’t have a bar full of fantasy football nerds who don’t care who wins but who scores.

It does have playoff games every weekend rather than waiting until January.

It’s almost here and we know this as well — there are going to be as many losing teams as winning ones each weekend.

There are no ties in college football. No champions with a half-dozen losses. No salary cap (insert Ole Miss joke here).

Enjoy another one. It’s always worth the wait.

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