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Thankyou, GE Brethren!


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As things wind down and we begin to cross the somewhat hazy border between “last season” and “NEXT”, and especially after a CFP game that yielded a Champion from (of all schools) our cross-border rivals up in Athens, GA (and their obnoxiously relentless trolls inundate OTHER online Gator sites with some of the more idiotic statements imaginable; I well-remember their LAST such victory/Natty, when they beat US basically on a last-second TD-return whose replay and aftermath we have had to endure repeatedly thrown in our faces these long more than FORTY YEARS!), it behooves me to explicitly acknowledge all the more the refuge THIS site continues to provide:
To THANK YOU ALL, “We FEW”, if you will, for providing a place of smooth and rational discussion, hope and encouragement!
So much regarding our “future” remains up in the air, open to possibility and debate these next few months and years, it would be easy to give in to cynicism, hopelessness, even despair...Thanks to y’all, for me at least Gator Envy has been where we could air our fears, frustrations, hopes, disappointments and all the rest—and all without undue judgement: a safe place to vent, to find support, or simply “get things off my chest”!
So, once again:
(...an admittedly rather lame ID/“handle”, long story-inspired, going back decades and long-overdue in needing revision, perhaps—but at this point, “who I am” here!)