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Tewbow's expectations


VIP Member
What can we expect from Tebow next year and throughout his college career. Are we spoiled by getting a championship so quickly? Can we really expect Tebow to carry us to a national championship? It's hard to repeat in this league.

I expect at least 2 SEC Championships and maybe a national championship appearance in a year or two.

I doubt he'll break any of Leak's passing records, but I think he will end his career with a better winning % than Leak.
Tim Tebow is a winner, period. He already has an SEC championship and a National Championship under his belt. When everbody this year was harping on Meyer's two QB system, I was all for it. I was glad Tebow was getting valuable playing time so he would be ready to go when he handles the reigns next year. But this type of experience is beyond what anybody could have hoped for!

Tebow is the exact type QB that Meyer wants in his offense. Think of how successfull Alex Smith was at Utah under Meyer. He could pass the ball well and run the ball very well. Tebow is 4 times as good as Alex Smith! IMO. I don't think we have scratched the surface yet on how explosive this offense will be. I don't think Tebow should run as much as he did this year due to higher chance of an injury.

The Gators will reign supreme with Tebow at the helm, hopefully the Defense can hold up their end of the bargain.


VIP Member
I agree with GNS... Tebow is the perfect fit for our system. You hear a lot of media types saying all Tebow does is run and Meyer doesn't let him pass the ball because he's not accruate. I call BS on that!

Tebow holds about every Florida high school passing record you can think of. The guy has an amazing arm, and not only will he pass the ball buy he will still be plowing over linebackers.

I would expect at least 1-2 SEC titles, and utlimately a bcs championship appearance. But you can't fault Tebow alone if we don't win a title.


Gator Fan
I think given the full time load, Tebow will not be encouraged to plow over linebackers as often as he does now. That was his specialty this year. They will have to be more cautious so he doesn't get hurt.

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