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SO: Let’s Put OUR “VOTES” On Record


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As per the discussion across-the-board here in the aftermath of yesterday’s near-total melt-down, and our subsequent own discussions here, as the media and FAN circus swirls around us “out there”...
Put me down for “Let’s wait and see what ‘The Still Once and Future Coach’ does now, whom he brings in and what they at least TRY to accomplish”, before going for the “complete tear-down and rebuild” that so many of all those “wise prognosticators in the Media” (whose OWN JOBS, not to mention the fact that the lives of themselves and their families aren’t in TURN hanging by a thread over a chasm) are so loudly cavalier in recommending is embarked upon. There is, after all, SOME kernel of possibility, however small some may think it is, that this could turn out in retrospect merely “one relatively bad year” quickly and boldly recovered from.
Imagine the tone of discussion here, the inherent “us versus them” attitude henceforth FOREVER INGRAINED IN THE GATOR ETHOS as a result, should that turn out to be the case a year from now!
Who here wouldn’t love that??!
How would you feel about them if you knew that was the case for them now TOO???

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