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Sick of Finebaum

Discussion in 'Gator Football' started by DRU2012, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Yes. Finally.
    Used to like him, but I've had it with his anti-Florida bias. Today it blossomed forth into absurdity--it became obvious he just doesn't like us. He could barely manage jocular, respectful-if-distant humor with Spurrier himself--but elsewhere took every opportunity to put us down. Lots of respectful-and-complimentary-to-HIM Gator fans happened to call in on a Wedensday before the big night game in Death Valley (Big surprise), but he couldn't managed the slightest grace or fairness, dismissimg even our Defense as overrated ("who've they PLAYED, aside from an overrated Auburn team?") AND hammering AGAIN abd AGAIN on his personal suspicions that Trask "is banged up worse than they're letting on..."
    Well, screw him. As my mom used to say: "Vote with your wallet!"...or in this case I guess, "Vote with your ears!"...I will no linger listen or watch him--and frankly, this will not only be the last time I discuss him, it will be the last time I mention his name.
    Farewell, bald big mouth.
  2. Leakfan12

    Leakfan12 VIP Member

    The sad part, he shares the screen with two Gator alums (granted Laura Rutledge is on maternity leave) and probably the most visible of the alums (granted again Laura is on leave).
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  3. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Yes... That is why I got in the habit of watching him, and how (to some extent I suspect in retrospect by REFLECTION) I came to see him for a time actually as someone who, "though FROM Tenn via Bama", was a deserving front man for the SEC... IF that was ever truly the case, it sure as hell ain't true anymore.
  4. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Anyway, this does give me a chance to add something here--despite my promise to be finally DONE with commenting on/reacting to F-bomb's efforts at baiting us:
    For anyone BUT Gator fans, it's EASY to be anti-Gator in your pregame analyses this time around: IT'S A NIGHT GAME IN DEATH VALLEY, fer cryin' out loud!
    Add in the various "setups", conditions and qualifiers (they go ON AND ON: Both undefeated, "DBU vs DBU"?, top offense vs top D?, and so on and so forth and doo bee doo bee doo wah...) and going IN it really DOES seem like it's totally a matter of "Gators: Guardedly supportive; Tiger fans: wildly confident."
  5. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    I look for Trask to calmly set the tone.
    If/when he comes in healthy and poised, DOESN'T let that night crowd in Death Valley get to him early, in contrast to Nix last Sat we just get down to business and play our game...Approach it like the first round in a 4-round golf match... If ever there were a year where this "calm and level approach" from a young player who isn't gonna let the hugeness of the moment overwhelm him, but rather get down to business and proceed to "play the ball where it lies", Trask accomplishes THAT and the whole TEAM will see it and respond--THIS IS THE TIME FOR IT, Kyle.
  6. awebbf5

    awebbf5 VIP Member

    I was on Monday and he ended the call as soon as he could, he didn't want to talk about us beating Auburn.

    If you're ever watching and Adam from Kentucky is on it's me.
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  7. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    I HAVE noted and APPRECIATED your calls-in, Gator-aweb! I am currently in “Don’t Call The Bald Man”-mode, so I follow my own advice and refuse to contribute to his self-agrandisement—but if/when we reestablish ourselves and proceed to regain our drive and poise to finish the year as we did post-Mizzou LAST season, I’ll be back myself: I will make it a POINT to change the general self-congratulatory “Bama lords it over the SEC” vibe that defines his show—and will happily look for YOUR OWN “inconvenient contributions” once more!
    For now, you are then the main (perhaps the ONLY) counter-view available there. Thankyou so much!
  8. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    As I have maintained here and elsewhere, Kyle Trask is and has been the PERFECT player, in skill and temperament, to “step up and in” given the very situation at hand:
    He remains calm, cool and confidently collected in every way as we endeavor to absorb a difficult loss then bounce back the following week against a fairly strong squad led by a former Coach (some of his guys are still on our TEAM!) and coming off one of his and their biggest wins since moving over there. I believe we will WIN this one, win it handily:
    WE will be the team that reasserts it’s claim to SEC royalty. WE are the inheritors of all that is strongly worth grasping and wielding victorious in battle! Go Gators! DESTROY THE MARRAUDING CHICKENS!!!
  9. DRU2012

    DRU2012 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    For some reason, I am CONFIDENT going into this next one at their place. I am FEELING pretty damn sure of our being MORE than ready for the likes of these guys...Neither Trask, Pitts, Jefferson, nor anyone else who is due to be on the field for this one (and that will likely NOT include a number of our Defensive stars who will be sitting, HEALING this weak, I am told—something we are fortunate to be able to do at this juncture—with a tactically practical bye-week to follow as well) will I believe LET us do ANYTHING BUT WIN BIG...Cannot see us doing ANYTHING but pulling a nice big comfortable BLOW OUT for this one: Guys you never heard of playing for us by the 2nd half.
    (Of course, having said all that, look for us to stumble, bumble and fumble our way to a bare close win...NOT!
    That was the way under Muschamp, and often Mac as well...it ISN’T how things go under Mullens: This Coach leaves as little as POSSIBLE to “CHANCE”. I look for a multi-TD beat down—like, elsewhere I promised them at the very LEAST the two TDs we let slip away to LSU in that 4th quarter: We’re gonna stock at LEAST that many on a chain and hang it around their necks—as good as they felt about LAST week, that’s what they’ll have to realistically face about the true progress made at THIS POINT: “THIS IS WHERE Y’ALL ARE REALLY AT HERE!”

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