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Searching For a Proper Soporific


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Super Moderator
@Leakfan12, @Escambia94,

I am still both so wired up and tightly wound, yet also exhausted and depressed at the same time, I need escape—and somehow “warm oblivion” as well!
So I suppose I will turn to my one “Ace in the Hole”, something that has never failed to do its work, cast its powerful effect upon me:
I will run “Star Wars”/Episode VI/“A New Hope” now and let it send me off to calm peace as it has so smoothly and relaxedly so often before. I hope y’all have something similar that likewise reliably eases you to a calm and forgetful place where you can move on, allow cares and tense thought and emotion to be somehow washed AWAY, to be replaced somewhere beyond in DREAMLAND with all that DOESN’T weigh upon you, bring you down. May you find effortless PEACE and warm calm somewhere BEYOND all the other stuff that encumbers us when we are awake—unfortunately INCLUDING our Gators ︅so completely and unexpectedly failing themselves, each other AND US so thoroughly earlier...


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Good choice. Right now I feel like watching endless loops of Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace just so I can get angry at something else other than Gator football.