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Green = normal members below 200 posts
Orange = senior members with 200+ posts
Blue = moderators
Red = Admin


Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE)
Wait a minute. My name is blue. I'm a mod?

You are responding to an old post. The new blog theme does not carry forward the orange, blue, green, and red colors do not mean anything. As far as I know, everyone shows up as blue. Status/rank is now indicated under the avatar picture.


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Super Moderator
Yeah--a REALLY old post...always a good idea to check the date of a single, isolated comment, folks--especially before getting wound up enough about it to respond...
I didn't know this stuff was so important to some of you in the first place, but regardless, I thought the current set-up was pretty self-explanatory--which is/was the general idea with it in the first place, I guess (though, strangely enough, I am unable to fly).