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Quarterback Sheriron Jones has committed to Florida


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The Gator football program may finally be turning around. For the longest time, UF attracted some of the brightest high school quarterbacks. The last highly rated QB the Florida attracted and turned into a star was some guy named Tebow. Driskel can help reverse the trend after the lack of success with highly touted John Brantley IV and Jacoby Brissett (although I foresee Jacoby excelling at N.C. State). Also, think of what good things Florida has done with moving high school QBs to other positions, such as Bubba Caldwell, Joe Haden and Jordan Reed.


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Well, ya gotta get and KEEP a growing succession of really good, potentially great QBs, and keep 'em AT quarterback, to reach and sustain the level of success I think you're talking about here, E-. We were right at the point of hitting that kind of dynastic-styled peak when it all went off the rails there Tebow's senior year, which as I recall began with us losing what "woulda/shoulda/coulda" been our next star-stud QB in Cam (well, really he "lost" himself, and his place in our plans--though as it all eventually played out we sure appeared the long term losers) and ended with our then-coach basically losing his team, and, as it turned out, his focus and commitment to this program (though in retrospect ya gotta wonder which was "the chicken" and which was "the egg" in that process). It's a delicate balance right there at the edge, keeping them all AND keeping them all happy, but it sure seems like we've got a shot a getting it right this time. One more reason to stay with Muschamp if he and Roper can begin to put it together on the field with and around Driskel this season. Man, it LOOKS like we're lining up a parade of potential future-stars at that position, young men who come in with dazzling skills and upside, seeing what's already here and saying the right things about working hard and waiting their turn. After seeing how quickly it can all collapse and blow away, though, we can be excused for having sort of a schitzoid attitude about this, filled with both hope and self-protective cynicism at the same time.