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Prayers for Week 3:


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Super Moderator
(1) May we stay solid and united, together LEARN from the experience, whatever comes our way.
(2) Should it go as poorly as I fear, may we only let them “beat us ONCE”, no matter the ultimate score, and how it comes to be.
(3) Let us come through and out of it mainly safe and healthy across the board.
Given all of the above, we can absorb, recover and move on—even eventually BENEFIT from the experience.
We are missing some large pieces somehow; perhaps the lessons ahead can help us ultimately show the way in helping us recognize and CLOSE those gaps. We MUST if we are to finally complete our rise and return to the very top of the SEC and the CFB anytime soon.


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It doesn't look good especially with Bama's offense scoring 40 plus points and the Gators D probably not going to stop them. Their D vs the Gators offense, I don't know. The U sucks (they barely beat App State) and Mercer is an FCS school. I think Gators can do damage but Jones can throw costly turnovers (and crap out in the red zone at times) and can not do that with Bama who probably has a D with maybe half of those players that will play Sundays. Do we know what Richardson's status is?


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Super Moderator
I’m just afraid that no matter WHAT AR’s TRUE health status is, Coach can use it as “cover” and not play him; Then we NEVER know for sure “What’s what?” OR “What MIGHT have been?”.
on this question at least, I suppose I lean with those who feel that WITHOUT AR15 we stand ZERO chance this Saturday. Even WITH him, on a GOOD day, with the current state of each program you’d have to say Gator victory is a longshot at best.
I’d love to at least see us do all we can to “leave it on the field” come Saturday, though.
And by the way, say what you will about Meyer
(and good or bad, I DO “call it as I see it!” with him) he recognized and acted on the opportunities that individual and team dynamics presented:
In how he USED 2 quarterbacks when THAT gave the team its best shot, and in the fact that not just startling talent but breakout LEADERSHIP allowed Tebow to show the way, when HIS time came.
There comes a point when a Coach must sometimes just “stand by his guy”.

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